How realistic are elevator scenes in movies?


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^^ Me, if I forget my neti-pot for a day.


Even the Wonkavator is realistic compared to movies scenes in nightclubs where people chat comfortably without having to scream in each other’s ears. It’s bothered me for years.


But what if you’re trapped in an elevator with an angry superhero?


It could happen.



I was stuck in an elevator once. It only lasted a minute or two, but it was long enough for me to look up at the ceiling and estimate my chances of climbing out of there. Answer: Zero. There wasn’t even one of those convenient trapdoors. No trapdoor to open, and nothing to stand on to climb out of it. I was stuck.

My claustrophobia was just kicking into overdrive when the elevator started moving, and everything was fine.


Elevators are okay, but paternosters is where it’s at.


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