French farmers attempt protest at Tour De France, police instead tear gas cyclists


Ahead of the Tour, 33-year-old Froome had been under an anti-doping cloud after he was found to have more than the permissible level of asthma drug salbutamol in his urine at last September’s Vuelta a España.

After a nine-month investigation – during which Froome constantly protested his innocence – cycling’s governing body the UCI, on the advice of experts from the World Anti-Doping Agency, dropped the case just before the Tour began earlier in July.

Nonetheless, last week Froome and other Team Sky riders were targeted by a flare, while the four-time champion was reportedly spat at and pushed by road-side spectators.

Vincenzo Nibali, 2014 Tour winner, was also knocked off his bike by fans encroaching on the road and was forced to withdraw due to his injuries.

WTF? And I thought football fans were maniacs!

If I read the article right though, the farmers were just exploiting the opportunity for press and not protesting the race per se.

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Yes, a traditional tactic for protests, to insert one’s self into a major event where you know the press will be to get your message out.


Point taken. While the outcome was a bit calamitous, I have a lot more sympathy for the farmers staging a protest at a world-famous event than the cycling fans who tried to shoot an asthmatic cyclist with a flare.

When I initially read the headline, I wondered what the motive was. The Twitter thread is unsurprisingly rife with people who didn’t read the article proper and thus think the farmers were against cyclist. :roll_eyes:

C’est la Twitter.


Yeah, and it was the cops who sprayed the tear gas, too, not the protesters.


I hope the cyclists sue for any medical treatment they may have needed, and I hope the people in charge of the event drag the police for such a stupid-ass decision.


The cops neglected to use the anti-protestor tear gas that would only affect demonstrators. Such negligence.

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