Woman who caused Tour de France crash has been caught

The spectator who caused a mass crash on the opening day of the Tour de France has been arrested and placed in custody, according to RTL .

Race organisers threatened legal action in the aftermath of Saturday’s incident and French police soon opened an enquiry, launching a search for the culprit.

After appealing for witnesses, the person has been identified, found, and is now in police custody in Landerneau, according to RTL .

The person is accused of involuntarily causing injury and faces a fine of 1,500 euros.


I don’t believe it. I think she’s still out there, plotting, scheming, holding signs.

Then again, perhaps, the real Sign Lady might just be inside of all of us…a vestige, lying in the darkest depths of the human psyche, of the ancient days in human history when we could not express our opinions to random strangers on the Internet and instead had to rely on signs held high.


The Big Lebowski What GIF by MOODMAN

We’ll all rest easier knowing our very important sporting events are safe from people who make stupid mistakes without malicious intent. Eventually we can work our way down to petty crimes, like, oh, murder, rape, crimes against humanity, corporate executives poisoning us… you know, the small annoying crimes.




Darn it, now my chance of protesting outside the court with a cardboard sign is ruined!

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Yeah. but I bet the “Allez Opi & Omi” costume will rule Halloween this year.

“Sexy Allez Opi & Omi Costume” appears in online stores in 3… 2… 1…


And a badly made bike jersey and bandages so one person can go as an injured cyclist, for couples


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