Massive pile-up in the Tour de France

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Sign says “Go grandmother.”

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Evidently, the person is in hiding. Can’t say I blame them. Hard to imagine fucking up worse.

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Déjà boingé.


Yeah, I would hate to have this biker gang after me! It’s confusing my reaction to this. First time I thought gee this guy is a Perfect Gentleman! Then I think this guy may wind up with PTSD for life?

Phil Liggett is to the Tour what Dick Clark was to New Years Eve. When he’s gone the whole event will just seem wrong.


Tour de pile-Up.

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Phil Liggett is THE voice of le Tour. with Bob Roll for color commentary (he is a colorful former rider and Tour announcer)

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The pileup was unfortunate, but look at the big picture here: these are experienced professional athletes participating in a risky activity. They are racing at high speed in extremely close formation with zero room for any sort of disruption. A squirrel or stray cat on the road could cause just as much havoc. The race takes place on public roadways, with no form of crowd control whatsoever.

The racers and the race organization are doing all of this with full awareness of the potential consequences. If you willingly participate in such activities, the burden of a bad outcome falls on your shoulders.

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After causing such a major crash, you can be sure she immediately ditched that bright yellow jacket and tried to blend into the crowd.

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