French newswire fails to kill own unflattering photo of French president




That is a ripper.


I know this is a total “DUH”, statement. But you can’t retract or kill an image once it is on the internetz. Right?



If looking goofy ever becomes a crime, then we are all doomed. This was totally beyond his control. At least he isn’t being a Weiner.


Can has basic understanding of the internet? Dumb fuck.


Honestly, this just seems like a situation where a quite unflattering photograph somehow ended up being released for use by news agencies, and either someone at AFP caught it or someone in government pointed out frustration with it. “Killing” photos online is rather impossible, but had they just said “we don’t know how this poor photograph got there, and we’d appreciate if you didn’t use it” I think that would have been fine.

There are always going to be unflattering photographs of this sort: still frames of a person, who is always in motion, will often look ridiculous. One of the points of selecting good photographs is to avoid publishing photographs like this. It does, as AFP noted, provide no insight or information about anything; it just makes Hollande look ridiculous. Indeed, unscrupulous media might publish these sorts of photographs simply to smear people; it’s easy to have biased photographs.

Ultimately, this is a slightly poorly dealt with situation with an unfortunate photograph. It doesn’t seem like any real censorship, unless you think that politicians giving speeches should always be portrayed with awkward facial contortions.


Such silly photos don’t elicit more than a chuckle in me unless the person also has other serious shortcomings


Let´s make this a thread of unflattering photos of politicians. I´ll start:




That one is a portrait, not a moment caught in time. He looks like Alfred E. Neuman in the flesh.


It was even printed in the Metro, a free paper distributed on British public transport.


The last one of McCain is pure gold. Who can even doubt the existence of lizard people after that?


Yup. Pretty sure this should be a law.


He looks thoroughly baked.


That, he does.


I think he’s flirting with the photographer.


This would be solved if Instagram released a vérité universelle filter – adds a fright wig and clown nose to every politician’s face.


The picture, by itself, is kinda dorky but whatever.

The fact that someone who appears to have never heard of the Streisand Effect is now getting the education of a lifetime is pretty funny.