The failed handshakes of the French President


(President.) He does seem to have uniquely bad timing/luck.

He’s his own meme.


Clammy hands. I can relate, bro.

A funny collage, but apparently really mostly a matter of bad timing. Most of the others are looking at the press, probably to make sure that their handshake will be up to standards.

Also, what’s the etiquette regarding women politicians? Used to be that a man would have to wait for the woman to extend her hand, though that’s on the decline, as far as I know. However, it could be still active in higher politics.


Obviously these are just failed surrender attempts.


Maybe he is notorious in political circles for having dead fish clammy hands.

That’s not very nice.

For a moment I thought the EC president looked like Hugo Chavez.

It’s funny, but I seriously doubt this is anything more than someone trying to make him look bad (albeit in a humorous way).

Remember, people, photography is an illusion. Don’t believe the hype.

I’m not sure if these pictures are actual photos or stills from videos, but on a related note, you can make anyone who is being video-recorded look like they’re stoned if their eyes are visible. At 24 frames per second and up, I can guarantee that you will find at least one still frame with the subject’s eyelids halfway open, and frequently with their mouth in an awkward position.

Why do I bring this up? Because if you take enough photos of anyone, you can make them look stupid. As the president of France, François Hollande both shakes many people’s hands and has many photos taken of him (oh yeah and will have plenty of people more than willing to make him looks stupid).

Photography is an illusion. Don’t believe the hype.


Sure, that’s also a good point.

One favorite method employed mostly against German politicians is to generate photos were they look like giving the Hitler salute.

That’s actually one of my superpowers. I nearly always seem to hit “pause” when a person looks, well, severely mentally challenged.

The other is finding the only sex scene in 1.000 page book on the first try.


I don’t know. i saw a blog linked here yesterday that apparently gave conclusive proof that the NYPD parks only in bike lanes.

(edited to add, yes, of course you’re correct.)


Wow, this is some spectacularly stupid trolling.

I think “Niemandshand” is a pun on niemandsland, “no man’s land.”


I’m reminded of the Simpsons episode with Moe showing a video of wherein he looks pretty normal, but every time it gets paused his face is in caught in some bizarre contortion.


Funny you mention that, because the first thing I wondered when I saw that link was whether the cop in the photo was actually parked there or whether it was just a momentary thing.

i don’t like it, but that is funny.

Finally a useful superpower without any negative side effects.
(Whish I could do that, with me it’s practically the opposite.)

You’re mistaken. These are obviously successful attempts to surrender.

Maybe his arm is just stuck like that.

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