Watch Polish first lady drift past Trump's grabby little hand to shake Melania's first


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Ooooh, wonderful snub. The orange sewer pipe doesn’t look happy.


A couple of years ago I would have questioned whether or not TIME magazine would actually have issued something like this…

… but now!


It’s the little things that will keep me alive until the midterms.


Lets not zero in on this perceived snub and ignore the fact that the current Polish government gave Trump a very warm reception because they are politically in alignment with him.


I always try to be polite but I don’t know all the rules.
What are standard protocol in situations like this?


Sounds like a P’shop mission to me.


Of course, like the next guy, I’m very much in favor of aliens dropping down and sucking every bit of body fluid out of Trump’s rotten carcus, but I’m not blind to the possiblity that Agata simply just didn’t see Turdball’s hand… or perhaps European diplomacy urges lady’s first?



" li’l smokies " - hee hee


Don’t know what customary in the US but in Switzerland, Netherland, Germany, Austria (and probably Poland) it’s usual that the host(s) greet the women first. I guess that’s what happened here.


In eastern Europe it’s typically men to men and ladies to ladies then men to ladies. Often, diplomatic protocol suggests the same thing. Handshakes and kisses have their own protocol as well, depending on where you are. So… this probably wasn’t a real snub.

But that look on Trump’s face is priceless. Clearly he expected to be greeted first, before Melania. White House protocol people obviously didn’t do their job, or failed to do their job. Once again proving that this administration is full of fucking stupid people who don’t know shit.


Is that true for Slovenia as well? Just wondering.


To me it looks less like intentional snub and more ‘oh crap melinda locked eyes with me have to greet her first.’ IE she didn’t even see trump’s attempt’d reach around back slap douchbaggery.

However she has made an enemy for life in the form of trump’s vindictive tantrums. Expect to hear about it on twitter.


Oh god I hope so.


The BBC reports that Kornhauser-Duda “inadvertently” snubbed Trump without attributing “inadvertent”. Maybe it was inadvertent. Maybe it was entirely appropriate and a local custom that Trump was unaware of. Maybe she froze that glowing tar sponge intentionally.

There’s an interesting between-the-lines history of media (even hostile media) having to fill in editorial blanks with events around Trump and especially things he says. On the campaign trail, you’d never have guessed the digressive, plainly scatterbrained speech patterns if you read the neat little quotes in the AP and major papers.

After all, if you have to put four ellipses in a sentence, it’s unreadable. So take them out, right? Just glue together a sane sentence from the words he uttered and make do.

Likewise with TV: you use the soundbite that has meaning, avoiding the pillheaded drivel either side of it to slice out four seconds that, with careful intro and outro talk from your anchors, refers to something politically germane. I remember several news report where the anchor literally said half a sentence and then cut to Trump to finish it.

But it’s almost unavoidable that this is done. It’s a psychological process, where our minds have to fill in blanks to create something sensible, and it can only be described in terms of what’s added. Sometimes Trump’s almost like an impressionist painting or an optical illusion: variously a mess of paint or crude biological hack that forces the human mind to try and create coherency and meaning.


Has she had a face-lift lately?



Main Stream Media has been cut out of the loop by Trump and now its sole role is to report on handshakes.

My guess is Trump is playing the MSM for chumps.


this is what i heard, too, but it doesn’t diminish the look on his face (or the glee it gives me), or the apparent fact that NOBODY briefed him that this was the protocol, you know?


Doesn’t matter; 45* didn’t like it, so I do.