Frisbee on a frozen lake

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Sometimes there is so much… beauty… in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, and my heart is just going to cave in.


Kudos to the photographer. Amazing how rarely the footage lost the frisbee given both subject and photographer were moving at speed.


Yes. Good to know there’s still such a thing as American beauty.


The subtitles are great!


that’s one of those movies i kind of cringe i loved so much in my college film geek days.

weird old dad (played by kevin spacey) has a meltdown and decides to smoke pot and not work… ok liking it so far… and buy weed from a teenager hm… and try to fuck a different teenager (but it’s ok because she’s a slut!)

there’s a liminal space in college where you don’t get that yeah, it’s a little odd that someone a year or two older stays with their hs partner, but you also don’t realize that is NOT the same as the weirdo who’s long out of college hanging out at under 21 parties in the student slum.

anyways uh… nice video rob!

(it’s been a rough… decade)


The subtitles are amazing!


clever marketing, i’ll give it that.


i’m thankful the author is documenting this “ice” so our children can know what it looked like


Oh thank you for mentioning that—I had not had the subtitles/cc on.

I once spent an afternoon skating at my local park’s rink trying to figure out how you would spell the sound that skates make on the ice :smiley:

Also: it wasn’t until I watched this video a second time that I even saw the “person in a gorilla suit” skate through (sans gorilla suit) :laughing:


For… frisbees? Maine?


Also came to revel in the joy of the captions on this video :slight_smile:

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you didn’t notice the URL on the back of the frisbee?


No I didn’t, I’ll search for it now thnx :roll_eyes:


Let’s be honest: “AFTER I THREW IT, the frisbee CONTINUED MOVING entirely due to the wind.”

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The Falmouth (Maine) Middle Schooler Ultimate team.


We believe that every kid should know how to play ultimate and that each needs their own discs, so every year in Falmouth, we spend a couple of months teaching all the 5th graders in town how to play ultimate in their gym classes and give each of them their own disc.

The FMS (Falmouth Middle Schooler) Ultimate team was started by coach Jason Quint and played its first season in the spring of 2013. Now coached by Shea Gunther, the FMS Ultimate team is open to girls and boys living in Falmouth, Maine in grades 2-8. No experience playing ultimate is required.

The ultimate travel team, known as Falmouth Rogue, is for players in grades 4-8 and will hold weekly practices starting in the first week of April and wrap up by the second week in June. The intramural teams, for players in grades 2-8, start in the first week in May and end around the same time as Rogue.

ETA the videographer is the team’s coach.


Thanks! Not sure tho that this means the video is an ad…


intended or not, it’s hard to miss, and i’m sure their site will get an uptick in visits.

If so, good for them, sez I. Seems like a worthy cause.

Maybe instead of writing that URL on the frisbee for the (marketing) purpose of this video, they do that with all of their frisbees? In case they get lost, or stuck in a tree?

I guess I’d just rather not be cynical about this wonderful video.


sure, it’s possible. i’m usually not so cynical, but it seemed too pat (even for me) that a short video that’s going viral had a big ol’ URL right there for all to see if they just paused the video. it could be a complete accident, for sure.

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