Fritz the Golden Retriever is not very good at catching food


Guessing his stereo vision isn’t working for some reason…


blind in one eye?


This chap’s self-sacrifice to the world of dog-human treat-engagement is very moving. I’m sure it will be several generations before his heroism is recognised. Luckily that’s only one human generation, so there’s that.

Maybe he just isn’t into all that junk food


Right? I’m surprised Fritz looks as good and healthy as he does, given his apparent diet.





I’m can’t decide whether to laugh or cry now. Thanks Xeni.

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I have never before seen a dog fail at this task.


Thought the same. Fritz apparently doesn’t have much time to learn catching food if he is fed the stuff shown in the video.

A long time ago, I used to work in small computer shop. The owners often brought their dog, a doberman, to spend the day.

On occasion, we’d order lunch in from a local psarotaverna. One extra piece of cake was ordered when Sheeba was in. Under the dog’s very watchful eye, the owner held that piece of cake. “If you look at the width of this piece of cake, it’s substantially wider than Sheeba’s mouth. I’m going to toss it at her. When she catches it in the air and chomps down on it, you would expect there should be at least one or two pieces of cake falling from each side of her mouth, no? Watch!”

And he tossed it at Sheeba. In quick gulp, the cake disappeared. Not a crumb fell to the floor. “I don’t know how she does it”, he continued. “Some day, we’ll have to set up a high-speed video camera…”


Subscribe to his You Tube channel to help his human pay for all the vet bills his junk food diet is going to rack up.

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The sound effects make this. Kind of weird treats though. Who throws a whole taco at a dog?


Sounds like Sheeba could give Fritz some lessons!

Yeah, that was my 1st thought, he looks like he’s on in years, white muzzle. We had a poodle that went fully blind, rearranging the furniture was hard on her, as was lurking under the table for dropped items.

IMHO Fritz’s person thinks it’s funny to throw over sized junk food at Fritz’s head and face in order to make some money on You Tube. Fritz is given an impossible task and his person knows it. It’s a way of shaming Fritz for profit, but, whatever…!

I suspect poor vision as well. As a human who is blind in one eye, I can’t catch anything either.

We had a dog named Fritz when I was a kid. He caught anything resembling food when dropped, even if in an other room. Other dogs over the years had varying degrees of success catching things. Some dogs can catch others not so much, has nothing to do with how good their sight is.

Have we considered that the dog may not be bad at catching, he just has a fetish for slamming his face into airborn food?

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