This Great Pyrenees can not catch snacks

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“Look, buddy, I wasn’t bred for this shit! Just give me the treats!”


You must admit the ending was perfect, until the commercial came on.


My cat was similar, except he never even tried to catch anything. He would watch carefully while a treat or a toy would bounce off his face, and then deal with it in 2 dimensions only. Mostly, he was just lazy. I mean, why would he expend all that effort to catch something moving, when he knew it would stationary soon?

So I tell myself he was just making the smart choice, and not being a lazy, unathletic lump.


Not everyone has good eye-snout coordination


I had a bird dog that was phenomenal at catching treats but rubbish as a protector of livestock. We all have our special skills.


Awwww… but he doesn’t seem to be too upset about it.

My Southeastern Smoothcoat (aka: my short haired mutt) can’t catch treats either. His solution is to skip even trying and to stare at the floor instead whenever treats/snacks might be in the offing, because that’s where they’ll wind up anyway.

Cats can’t see too well up close. They use their sense of smell for that.

Someone should look into the aerodynamic properties of slices of pizza.

I misread this as “This Great Pyrenees can not catch sharks”…

I should have just left it and not clicked…

I mean even if that was the title, no story could possibly match up to my expectations of that kind of title.

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My half Pyrenees half border collie sometimes can catch treats but overall he doesn’t and also just eats them when they land. Just the nature of the breed.

Right. But I’ve interacted with lots of cats that will snatch treats and toys out of the air.My gf’s cat could catch toys with her paws. And then there’s the ping pong playing cat that we all remember.
My cat doesn’t want biological excuses. He is uninterested in three dimensions.

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Not sharks, but a much-missed Idiot Dog of mine used to try and bite the sea when she was at the beach. And then barf seawater all over the carpet when she got home.

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Cats seem to be uninterested in a lot of things. I have two of the great lumps that love only to sleep and eat.

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