Cat attempts to steal a treat tossed to dog, regrets decision quickly


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Cat, years later: “I lost my paw in a lab accident.”


Notice how the cat doesn’t say; “Oops, my bad, but doubles down with a spiteful ‘hsssssss’ (after making sure it still has its paw) as if the dog was at fault.”


All my internets.


Seems appropriate. In the lead-up, the contrast between the look of enthusiastic expectation on the dog and the expression of calculating avarice on the cat is pretty dramatic.


JUSTICE. Cats are evil.




Dudes. When it comes to french fries, all bets are off.


Fun fact: this video wasn’t slowed down at all. The animals just aren’t very smart.


We approve.


And i’m most likely anthropomorphizing here, but doesn’t the dog look guilty as it nonetheless goes for the dropped treat.


This is why you don’t breed your cats to be 1/3 the size of dogs. If they were the same size, it might have gone differently.


i don’t get it? :smirk:


Cats are so not cute in slo-mo…it’s almost like human eyes are not quick enough to quite catch the predatory movements of the cat.


Well if they were smart then they wouldn’t be living somewhere where the atmosphere was thick enough to slow a thrown french fry that much.


priorities…human french fry!!! dogs are smart, if you are going to have to deal with the repercussions anyway, might as well have the reward.


I figured the dogs first thought upon taking a bite was “That’s not a french fry, where’s the french fry?”


Clearly, the cat was trying to protect the dog from making a horrible dietary mistake.


And apparently there was a local gravitational field anomaly?


I can tell you that the cat had no interest in eating the french fry, nor denying the dog the french fry. This is simply the cat’s autonomic reflex to catch anything flying by their field of vision. The cat never even thought about it, no more than you would think about sneezing if you got a tickle up your nose.

So the cat can’t “regret” a decision it never made. But he may regret that he allowed that big dopey dog to walk away with out his face torn to shreds.