Watch this cat realize it made a huge mistake


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O.O “oop, down i go…”


Always have an escape plan.


Curiously enough, the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias cat as it fell was Oh no, not again.


The living couch eats another kitten! Then it sets its sights on the owner.


Where’s Donald Trump when you need him? He would have grabbed that pussy before it slipped through the crack…


My dog used to do this when he was a puppy; it happened so often that he became comfortable with the space under my bed and built a kind of fort down there with junk he dragged in…


Ha! Ha! Fun! Fun! … Shit.


I have a kitten. This is perfectly ordinary.


It’s just a shame that the owner happened to keep his armed bear trap collection under that bed.

(and minus 100 points to any “armed bears” joke).


It’s ok, he emerged several years later - having survived on stale popcorn and cheetos.



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