From Tahrir to Trump: how the internet became the dictators' home turf

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Behind a nagwall. I always save articles to Pocket and read them from there anytime a website bugs me with dumb shit.


It was Sydette Harry who (back in 2013) wrote: The Internet is the greatest communication innovation of our age. The impolite question of every communication innovation is “What do we do when the peasants get access?”

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Asking clever deflecting questions is great and all, but we’re at the point of having to ask: what do we do now?

I occasionally bring out my 20-year-old copies of Wired magazine to read the articles about how the internet is going to bring about an anarcho-liberalist utopia. They are insanely funny.

That was a rough 3 years for the Republican Party; 117 indictments, 88 convictions and 33 prison sentences. Whew! Crazy times. /s


When Obama was in power, many were complimentary about how astute Obama was at using social media. For instance, “How Obama Tapped Into Social Networks’ Power” David Carr, The Media Equation, NY TImes, Nov. 9, 2008.

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