From the Northern to the Southern Cross (astronomy photo by Nicholas Buer)


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I want to go‚Ķnot ‚Äėto the stars‚Äô naturally: that‚Äôs mere fantasy‚Ķbut the high desert‚Ķ

barren, desolate…alive with the light of the heavens…I’m feeling that.

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hrm… planning on visiting the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia on early November, not October… and returning via Atacama later in January… wonder if I will be so lucky to see this, or if the timing really is dependent on early October.

I know little of astronomy; but I imagine you will get to see…everything the nighttime hemisphere will provide…how lucky…have fun!

what‚Äôs the ‚ÄúNorthern Cross‚ÄĚ?

Everything is in the process of reversing, and North to South one of them. Already the sun has reversed its magnetic poles, North to South. And now the Earth in its 10-million year cycle, North to South.
We’re entering a new age, the Age of Kalki, the Age of The Guan Yin.
The photo, and I’ve been where this guy took this photo (bravo) in the Atacama Desert, illustrates this reversing nicely!

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