Southern Hemisphere Stars


Come south to see the Magellanic clouds. One time I was out at night in the Mallee. I could see the ground around me illuminated by Venus. The Magellanic clouds were like big shadows. Imagine that. Little galaxies, right overhead. And wherever you are, Crux helps you find alpha centauri, and the south celestial pole. Any cheap telescope will resolve alpha centauri as a binary.

Seeing the Southern Cross for the first time is truly exciting… One only hopes you get a second chance… Thanks Xeni ….

Funny how pictures from the moon, never have stars in the ‘sky’.

Growing up in North Ontario in the 70’s, the nights were dark and star lit. Today, its more light haze then anything. Can drive a boat without on board lights due too the horizon land out line. If you know what I mean. No need for lighthouses.

The photo’s in this article seem shopped.

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