Front-end loader pops a wheelie


That was my best-spent 1:12 of the day so far.


Somebody should put the control system from a Segway into one of these.


People do fascinating things with construction vehicles.
Another wheelie dancing video:

And here’s some precision stacking:


technically (or pedantically, YOU DECIDE!) that’s an endo, or a stoppie, not a wheelie, since it’s the back wheels that are going up in the air. wheelies are when the front wheels that go up. but yeah, very cool!


Awesome! I expect to have OSHA to be fine with that so that I can see it as a bit of entertainment while stuck in the turnpike widening construction traffic.

Though the announcer (a radio DJ) is speaking italian, not russian.

More construction vehicle craziness:

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I’m guessing you haven’t seen the volvo powered terror traktor:


The video link ultimately leads to a Russian titled youtube video, but from my admittedly pathetic mastery of the language it sounds to me like the announcer is speaking in Spanish.

So I guess technically it’s a Russian Collection of Jaw Dropping Tractor Videos, rather than a collection of Jaw Dropping Russian Tractor Videos. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds like Italian to me; I didn’t hear any apparent lisping.

As for the feat itself, having driven forklifts for ten years, I’m inclined to think it’s actually less impressive than it seems; I’ve never driven one of those but I reckon I could pull that off after five minutes.

Those might be a hair-raisingly entertaining five minutes.

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I’m not sure what you mean about lisping in Spanish, but upon relistening, I could easily see it being Italian, and in fact am now leaning that way instead.

One of these days I should learn some dang languages so I can properly identify spoken language myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder what they used for ballast in the scoop. not sure concrete or sand would be dense enough to displace the body of the tractor

It doesn’t actually take much ballast to endo a loader. All you have to do replace the fluid in the rear tires with air and remove any additional rear counterweights. Then a scoop of gravel will suffice to flip you forward. Once you get the hang of it, it’s more fun than scary. The bucket keeps you from flipping too far forward, so you can always right yourself.

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nice. I’m pretty jealous that you’ve actually done this. but if you have to drain/re-fill the rear tires first, that’s a hell of a bother it seems. next time, just scoop up the nearest pile of tungsten. or gold. waaaay easier :^)

That you can fill loader tyres with fluid - today’s wonderful lesson. Thank you!

(To avoid any doubt, this is sarcasm-free reply.)

Yes, your mastery of the language is pathetic.
It´s Italian. :frowning:

Piccolo piccolo piccolo!

You have to love that its USA tech – a Caterpillar!

My favourite part of that thing is the ever-so-reserved and Scandinavian-looking typeface they’ve used to write ‘terror’ on the hood.

Spanish uses a lot of soft ‘s’ and ‘z’ sounds that sound a little like lisping.