Trucker tries to cross a tiny bridge with a load of logs


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“Wages of Fear” was the inspiration for “Sorcerer” with Roy Scheider, watch it if you get a chance, the music was done by Tangerine Dream.


I don’t think that would have been possible without those steerable wheels on the rear portion.


that is exactly what I was going to say.


Well, this answers a long standing question.



ok. not what was advertised.

Headline: Trucker TRIES to cross a tiny bridge with a load of logs…implies that he attempts but does not succeed. I was expecting a horrific fail.

Change it to: Trucker crosses a tiny bridge LIKE A BAD ASS.


Edit after parsing the article better.

Both are excellent films and well worth watching.


SO many questions. Is the driver steering those wheels? Or do they somehow “follow” the front of the vehicle to make the rear cover the same ground?


They were steerable? I thought they looked pretty static to me. That is why the whole god damn load was TWISTING on it. I can’t believe they only had one tie down for that load in the rear. But it HAD to twist or they never would have made it. And I was just waiting for it to snap. Yeegods - not the job I want.


Based on a Reddit thread about this video, it looks like that truck has a R/C control for the back wheels that a second person steers. Which - is awesome! Kudos to both those people.

I was also impressed with that bridge. I wonder if they just eyeballed the weight capacity, or if it was already calculated by an engineer and marked. One thought was that the truck is so long that part of the truck will always be supported off of the bridge, so maybe that makes the load lighter.


I also got a chuckle from ponytail guy who stepped up like, “I’mma help. You guys need some help?”


Fail. He disturbed the tree.


It’s essentially two trucks, tied together by logs. I was kind of hoping the driver had two steering wheels and was driving them both at the same time! But I couldn’t see into the cab well enough to tell.


That’s some next level skill!
My guess 99% of drivers couldn’t make this without some damage to truck or property.


the back carrier has a turning axle which helps a lot much like the back of ladder trucks.


It’s not the load that is twisting. The rear of the trailer pivots at the point where the vertical black colored stakes hold the logs. Also, the front axle on the trailer is steerable. Clearly a machine that was well designed for this use!


OH wait, those ARE rods, not straps. That make sense. By twisting I mean at the beginning the load is parallel to the wheels/flat part. And at some point it is way off and appears to be at an angle. Though maybe there is a flat part it is on that pivots that we can’t see.


Yeah I was wondering how that bridge could possibly have a high enough weight capacity for that thing.

Meanwhile, here in Bellevue, I watch a city bus on its assigned route fail to make a right turn onto a major street, causing everyone in the left turn lane to have to move over.