FTC fines bogus melanoma diagnosing apps


Can the FDA get in on this too? Seems like there is some horrific medical stuff going on here that goes way beyond “deceptive advertising.” Anyone who peddles frauduelnt cancer diagnoses needs jail time, not just fines.

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The IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER (that gets cut off on the screen) isn’t quite the CYA they thought it was.

I see it as a quite useful kind of app. Especially if the scoring algorithm gets refined; but the remember-and-compare-with-later-image is pretty useful on its own.

Thought: the images of the moles, and their evolution in time, could be uploaded to The Cloud and looked at by a real doc for an additional fee.

Another thought: attachment to illuminate the mole from different sides (to get a 3d-ish image), and to take pics in near-infrared (which can show deeper structures). And a skin impedance measurement attachment.

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