Fuck Today (Part 1)

Not a Fuck Today, but an


The First Amendment allows for Colin Kaepernick to legally protest peacefully, by choosing not to stand for the national anthem, and wearing doo-rags that depict cartoons of police officers as pigs during practice.

It does NOT allow for police officers to act like butthurt little bitches about his protest, by trying to have him sanctioned for exercising his 1A rights, or to threaten to not do their fucking jobs.

That is all.


The very much right-wing AfD (the platform can be described as anti-islam and anti-immigration) will have the second largest fraction in the parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern according to the exit polls of today’s general election.

The sad thing is that Meck-Pomm has one of the lowest rate of foreign residents of all German states, xenophobia is strongest in places withour much outside contact (like the elections in Saxony-Anhalt half a year ago).

The AfD is now part of 9 of 16 regional parliaments, so far it is not likely that they will part of a government but the outlook is gloomy

eta: The Guardian covered it already


I lost track of my eating today and now I’m all out of sorts and I’ll probably be useless for the rest of the day. :frowning:


I hear ya. I ate probably a week’s quota of peanuts last night in a single sitting. (And this was shortly after eating a fistful of brazil nuts, four pieces of toast with cream cheese and basil, and a cucumber salad doused in olive oil. Mirtazapine is a helluva drug.)

Woke up this morning feeling borderline nauseated at the thought of eating. Coffee, please guide me through the morning.


I just gotta say, whenever I temporarily lose control of my eating it ends up with a tale of 60+ pancakes, or winning a taco eating contest. You guys are doing OK!

As God is my witness, I will never eat another pancake again. Also, “all you can drink” soda pop? I’m done, I drank all I can sometime around 1980.

I still like tacos, though, so I’m OK if Clinton wins the election.


That little stool is brave.


Hold the door! Hold the door!


I put it there to hold the door long enough for me to jump out of the way during the ten minutes I was evaluating if I could do anything to at least get the sumbich level.

Then I went in to check for someone on Home Advisor

Then I changed my mind and poured myself a healthy dram and said this weekend has been long enough already.


If finding an honest garage door company is as hard where you are as it is here, good luck to you.


I know an excellent guy in the Austin-Central Texas region.

Unfortunately, I’m in the Chicago Burbs now. Just a bit out of his territory


When we needed one, we chose the one with the fewest filed complaints with the licensing agency; he wasn’t terrible. When our garage door opener failed I bit the bullet and put in the replacement myself.


I’ve just had a large job go south in kind of a spectacular fashion and it’s time to vent a bit.

A few months ago, an Aging Rockstar (let’s call him David St. Hubbins) I do lots of work for calls me up, tells me I’ll be designing the stages for his upcoming world tour, and tells me exactly how I’ll be designing them. I explain to David that while I’ve done stage sets, it’s been in collaboration with stage managers, light designers, etc, and that I’ve got no clue how to do a major world tour set, but I’m happy to do a few Photoshop renders of his idea to pass along to people who know what they’re doing. Sure, he says. So I do so. He loves them. We refine them bit by bit and he tells me the band’s signed off and it’s time to manufacture.

I remind David that I know zero about manufacturing or hanging or engineering stage sets. “Sure you do, it’s fine, get it done,” he tells me. Okay, so I find a manufacturer, work out how it’ll be hung and staged, get a budget, and engineer the thing. Along the way, David mentions that his ‘lighting guy’ wants to chat. So I give his ‘lighting guy’ a call.

Turns out his ‘lighting guy’ is a professional stage designer with 40 (!) years of experience who is on David’s staff, and is rightfully a bit taken aback to find out that a dork with zero knowledge of stage design has been doing his job behind his back. He tells me my designs are a bit challenging but he’ll make them work, just give him a few days.

Two days later I get a call from David. The stage designer told him I was a moron with shit designs. They fired me on the spot, stopped answering my emails and calls, and I have no idea how the upcoming tour will look. But I’m fascinated.


Holy shit. That is terrible. I hope you got compensated and it wasn’t ‘for exposure’.


Not a penny. My initial work was all a big lead-up to getting in contact with the stage manager to get a contract signed. But as I was let go before that happened, and none of my work was used, I was offered two tickets to a show as compensation for my time. It was a bit of a gamble for a very large payoff that didn’t work out.


But you’d done lots of work for the guy in the past, so it wasn’t a crazy gamble under the circumstances.

My guess is that he was trying to do it on the cheap for some reason, and because you let the cat out of the bag, the other guy threw a hissy fit and insisted it was him or you, so of course it was you (Last In-First Out).


I think you’re half right. Knowing this guy, I think what happened was that his staff stage designer suggested a pretty boring but easily-built and affordable design, and rather than say no and risk antagonizing him, the client went behind his back and had me draw up his (pretty unrealistic, to be fair) idea, figuring that he could eventually get his two designers to chat and, being Creative Guys, we’d hug and smile and he’d see my brilliant work and be amazed!

Instead, the guy most definitely threw a hissy fit and threatened to quit if they didn’t use his design, so it was him or me.


Do you think you still have a chance (or desire) to work with him in the future? If not, why not use his real name?


Insomnia two nights in a row. :tired_face:


In fact, I’m already working on a new project for him, or to be specific, for his management (under a contract). As to why I’d use a pseudonym for him, well, I know better than to be a gossip monger, frankly. And besides, how do you know I’m not actually speaking of Spinal Tap?