Fuck Today


WTF! I hope you were sitting down when the bigger bills started coming in. I would’ve felt like passing out.

Is the hospital being at all helpful with assistance, or are they like “good luck”?

Wow. But I’m glad to hear you’re getting better.

(I’m about to sign up for another year of $1000/mo insurance that cost $400/mo when the ACA exchanges first debuted, but I’m not complaining too much since the ACA is the only reason I can get coverage at all.)


He’s been living here part-time, on and off, all his life. We’d previously talked to him about moving in after his 18th birthday (when it would be legally his decision) but this happened first. He’s told us every day since how happy and grateful he is, and has been a help to me in the everyday household side.

Our volunteer group has a lot of teens. I’ve been unofficial mom to more of them than I want to think about, even tho I tell them all the time “I hate teens.” Sigh. I’m good with weird problem children (maybe because I am one.)


My shoulder is killing me. Why? I didn’t DO anything? Did I pull it swinging my arms walking?


Ice. Ice it for 20 minutes, several times a day.

A few years ago, I hurt my shoulder and didn’t see a doctor because I didn’t have insurance, and didn’t want all shoulder pain to become a pre-existing condition. So, I screwed myself, but the doctor told me I should have iced it right away, and that might have helped.

Of course, I’m no doctor, but putting ice on pain is the only relief I get from shoulder pain. I hope yours is short-lived and minor.


Thought I pulled a muscle. Turned out to be a blood clot. Oh- With a side helping of pulmonary embolism. Thought my surgery was far enough back I was past the risk window for this, but I guess not.

Looks like the ICU for a few days.


Oh, man! I hope you feel better, and get better, soon.


Take care of yourself and pay attention to docs orders. One of those did my YOUNGER BIL in a few years ago.


I spent a week in hospital at the start of June for a DVT in my leg (well, from my belly button to my calf). They even had to put a stent in my vein to keep it open. I’m still on blood thinners. If the next vascular scan shows the stent is still doing what it is meant to do I can go off them.

Best of luck with your recovery.


I just realised that I am sliding into some self destructive patterns.

I was going to take a break from here, but I realised that this is just feeding into those patterns. Hopefully I won’t be too shitty to be around for the next few months, but poke me if you think I am doing that.

I just muted someone and the topic where they were commenting so I can’t be crap to them. I fucking hate myself when I get like this.


I’m sorry. I’m glad you’re sticking around and I hope you get to feeling better sooner rather than later.


Sorry to hear this.

You got it.
Hang in there.


Those feels when you go in for a simple oil change and required state inspection and walk out with a list of things they want to do to it. Just need to breath, realize half the stuff doesn’t need to be done, the other half can be done for much cheaper than the quote. Bleh. See, this is why I don’t adult. It was running fine before this!


My neighbor and I have been in the process of moving for the past few days, and our friend bought me some birria (from a street vendor we’re not familiar with) for breakfast.
Now I have the runs and shit myself twice in the past 24 hours. Lucky I was near my new apartment both times.


Oh, Ghods, you have my sympathies. I’ve been fighting a stomach bug for days now but it’s never gotten quite that bad.

Saturday a lovely, clever young lady tried to strike up a conversation and I had to go “uh, I have to leave RIGHT NOW and I might not be back for quite a while no time to explain bye!”.

I hope your flux has run its course! Mine’s definitely getting better.





Be sure to rehydrate. I’m serious. We don’t want to lose you.


I’m good. I’m drinking liquids, including the Mexican brand of Pedialite. And plain yogurt to balance out my gut flora.
All in all, I think I’ve got a good track record for as much street meat I eat. Only two times in almost two years, the first time in my first week here.


I was moving when I sharted once, we were at the end of the taking stuff from house A and putting it in house B and cleaning house A. We were at house A, all my clothes were in House B. Fun times.

So yeah, I get it. It’s bad.


I always have trouble with this thread. Something in me rebels at “liking” posts that describe appalling events, but I want to show sympathy and support… yeah yeah yeah first world problem, I know, I know…


It’s a non-judgemental thread, so all struggles count.