Fuck Today


I’m not surprised, but I’m still annoyed by this news…







I hear that Arsene Wenger is available though.

ETA: Michael Knighton is 150/1 for the job :nauseated_face: (Yes, it’s a joke by the bookies. There would be riots in Carlisle if the club offered him another job)


Another football one

4 points in 36 games. The last Scottish team to go a full season without winning was Vale of Leven, they got 5 points in 22 games. For a team to be that uncompetitive is worrying, I’m not a supporter but I hope they survive.



How much would you be prepared to bet on whether VAT on tampons, etc. will in fact be abolished post-Brexit? After all, that was the excuse for not being able to zero-rate them.

On the one hand I can see it would be a quick, relatively cheap thing for the government to do to show Brexiters that “we have got back control”.

On the other hand, it would mean they’d actually have to do something that would benefit women. Possibly including immigrant women. /s


I know that antibiotics are one of the miracle discoveries that prop up the edifice of modern life, but man are they ever hard on the insides. I’m profoundly grateful for this amoxicillin, but I am completely done with it chewing up and spitting out my GI tract.


Just noticed this. Yes. Yes, I do.

(W/r to the Pi, I wish the cheap AC wireless dongle that works so well on my Windows laptop with no special drivers would also work on the Pi.)


Fuck today. In four weeks of my current job, I already am up to five projects, about two full working days of overtime, and feel constanty not up to the task of organising myself.

Today, I insisted on a meeting with a project leader to fix some dates for field work, and also get a little feedback, maybe also to give some, if wanted.

Instead, I got more project-related input.


Sounds about right. For the start of a job, I mean.

Not to minimize the frustration, but I’ve usually felt pretty much the same when starting any new job. Then you start learning shortcuts and “the ropes,” and it does get easier. Just a reminder.


It gets worse.

Team meeting. Co-worker suggested specific work to be done on Thursday, which would involve me. He’s clearly stressed and overworked, so I didn’t want to get into any details or discuss this in any way, however I took the liberty to point out that I wouldn’t mind to have a little planning security, and that also next Thursday is a public holiday around here.

I got some raised eyebrows from several project leaders, the comment that they wouldn’t understand what I meant by planning security. Also, said colleague just made a suggestion so there would be no need to get agitated.

I say.

I’m willing to do my very best, but I do have a life to organise, as well.


I contracted Lyme’s disease and had a similar experience.

It’s not just unpleasant, it’s dangerous, because when your gut has been depopulated, you are extremely vulnerable to colonization by human pathogens that would not normally be able to survive, or nasties that are antibiotic-resistant or even immune. An asymptomatic minor population of C. diff might explode and become a lifelong burden.

What I did (and I freely acknowledge that this is a total dice-roll of a therapy rather than the properly structured systematic adjunct to antibiotic treatment my physician should have provided) was go to the earthy-crunchy hippy co-op store, walk up to the crystal-decorated counter, and say “give me some of everything you’ve got that is alive”.

I got yoghurt and kombucha with active cultures, sauerkraut and more mysterious things, two shopping bags full of living food, and I ate it all, no matter whether I liked it or not. Fixed me right up in a week! I kept eating the stuff until a couple of weeks after my Lyme’s therapy finished, and acquired a taste for kombucha along the way.

I’m in the USA, but I’ve been told that in more medically advanced cultures, physicians prescribe probiotic therapy in combination with antibiotics, to prevent this very common and very well understood problem.


On top of everything else today, Google and my cell provider decided to test the emergency alert system that they’re rolling out across Ontario. This is like the annoying grit in the eye on top of a broken leg of irritation, but Fuck Today!

They got as far as a live test and no one noticed the glaring obvious problem? All I can say is that the Orange Shitgibbon better not be in the loop for this system!


no, no the system is working as designed. The heading is the disaster category - you know “Fire”, “Flood”, Tornado", or “President”


Yesterday I got stopped by a police officer for seemingly no reason.

We had a brief, mutually respectful and polite interchange in which he informed me that my auto license sticker had expired. (Because I’m an idiot, but he didn’t say that). Expensive ticket, but certainly my own fault, not his.

Then he handed back my registration, paused, and asked me to hand it back to him. When I did, a little puzzled, he chuckled deeply and wrote me up for presenting fictitious documents to a police officer. Because the law requires that you knowingly attempt to pass a false document before you can be charged, and before he told me, I didn’t know the registration was expired. Another expensive ticket.

At the DMV (which I’ve had to visit several times today, and will have to once more) I asked the Information Desk if this was a legitimate bust. The nicely dressed, courteous and professional young woman looked to either side before replying, and then said “He was just being a douche bag. [sic] Now you have to go to court to get the charge dropped, instead of just paying the fine by mail. An expired registration is not a fictitious document.”


An eminently sensible course of action!

I’ve been doing the yoghurt part of your regimen; it seems have helped. Only one more day in any case.


This happened in the middle of Oxford, just around the corner from where the hack space was. Paradise Square also has a LGBT pub on the street corner, but I don’t think it was being targeted.


Ok, that cop is a major dickhead.


Seeing a faded poster while out on a climb - ‘i hope they find him’ i think, ‘i’ll check the site when i get home’… Find out the owner discovered his body on a rail line. Then see just how many doggos are currently missing.


More dead kids and teachers today, yay. I’m going to sit and think about it for a few minutes, feel the feels, but then carry on. I don’t really know what else to do right this exact moment but mourn.