Fuck Today


Holy fucking shit - what an asshole. And how the hell is that a FICTITIOUS document? It’s expired, but it isn’t FALSE.

I recently got in some hot water by failing to adult/money was tight. I ended up with a suspended license and warrant. I thought I had both of those cleared up, but found out no, technically the license was suspended even though I had handled the reason for the suspension.

The good news is I have all of the fines paid and finally got my tags renewed, but I have to go to court about the license thing. The DMV guy said USUALLY if you show that you had it fixed, they will wave it - but not always, and that will lead to an automatic suspension? o_0 so I guess I need to get a lawyer :confused:

On a related note - any you ladies in to bad boys? That’s right, I live by my own rules. I was wanted in Platte Co.

PS - Platte Co has a weird ass rule you can’t have phones or recording devices in the COURT HOUSE even to pay a fine or pick up paper work o_0. Smells like Good Ol’ Boy shenanigans. Sheriff dude was a dick because I read the sign and still came in, in a bit of disbelief that this was a rule.


I straight up murdered Bambi today with my car. Nothing I could do. The cute baby Bambi, not the one later in the story.


You ever have a job with work and clients you really like, but a boss you find repellent and unprofessional?

Two Weeks Notice, given.


Heckuva way to spend Father’s Day. Are you unscathed? Even a small deer can leave a large impression.


On the plus side, the cute baby fawn is less likely to kill you or total your car. On the minus side, less likely to provide a venison dinner :frowning:

Glad to hear you made it home alive, even if Bambi didn’t!


Other than some blood on the bumper - it seems ok. It was very small :confused:


Alternately, they counteroffered with a different position and a different boss, doing the part of the job I really like, but 100% of the time now, at the same pay.

Did I just win?


Chiggers, both ankles and upwards.

Because chigger wounds are a complex combination of enzymatic and the resulting mechanical damage, plus allergy and immune responses, plus possible secondary bacterial infection subject to local influences, no one remedy works equally well for most people. The chiggers’ digestive enzymes in the saliva causes the “insanely itchy welts”.

Yeah, that’s happening.

But it’s still not as bad as being sprayed by a pressure cooker, no matter how much it feels like my feet are on fire.


Sounds like a win to me.

Depending, of course, on the new boss. Don’t ever think things can’t get worse, fate has a hard time resisting temptation.


OH yes - they are bastards.


Man Planned, God Laughed


Big time, sounds like!


(shhhhhhhhh) You’ll jinx it!


Once again, today, dealing with a particular tech-salesperson for over a year now who knows nothing – zip! – about his company’s products and who I can’t avoid due to the region he is assigned to cover. My management’s take on this?: Oh, yeah, we know him. He’s near retirement, so… (Translation: Yes, we know he’s senile, but you have to deal with him.)

So many versions of the same email sent to him, with each one from me progressively dumbed down and, due to the dumbing down, longer that the previous email. Romper Room explanations are not getting through. Can’t last much longer like this. Special requests to the guy’s company don’t help (maybe because I’ve held my tongue re this guy’s mind-numbing ineptitude). I don’t want him fired… but… DAMN!

I’m so close to sending this with my next email:




shushing now.


My wife was laid off today, which is bad. I’ve been downsized before and it sucks. We ordered Chinese food because that’s what she wanted. This is the fortune I got:

The universe is fucking with us.


This really kind of sucks.


But the steel workers! /s


Try sending emails of three sentences or less, each containing no more than one concept. No more than one subject per email, no more than one verb or action phrase per sentence.

It’s terrible that we have to do this when communicating with adults, but there are a remarkable number of gainfully employed people who need to be treated this way. Including some who are very learned, but not very adaptable.


For about 10 minutes, google had me thinking tool had released their new album today.