Fuck Today


Please accept my condolences. I’ve somehow managed to outlive two cats and a dog and I know it’s tough. Maybe check out the local SPCA in a bit if you’re up to it.

Strangely enough, new murder beasts can help.


Alice Walker has apparently been an ardent fan of the eponymous David Icke for at least 5 years:



This week has been hard for many reasons, this is only the latest thing to go wrong for me.

We won the last five games too, even beating Oldham Athletic 6-0 on Boxing Day.

The bookies already have a list of candidates, ranging from uninspiring to overoptimistic with little in between. Oh, and Alan Pardew, who can only be classed as “anyone but him!”

They should have just given Keith Curle the money to strengthen the squad like he wanted.


Just a minor fuck today: wanted to install own device (router/cable modem). Need a activation code for it. Looked in my files. Only got a completely blank sheet of corporate paper where activation code should be. Could get it online, if I could get the self-management account working.
Need said activation code for that.

And don’t mention the telephone support, or I’ll go postal.


Isn’t that always the truth, with any sort of tech support…

Sounds like a pain in the ass, though. Sorry.


Today I got an email from my ISP, the venerable XS4ALL, the first Dutch ISP and only activist / idealist ISP left in this country. The owner of the whole thing, telecoms giant KPN (the old monopolist), has in its infinite wisdom decided that they’re getting rid of the whole thing and merging it into their main business. KPN is kind of the like Verizon of the Netherlands, they suck. XS4ALL has had the best service and technology for literally the last decade, winning every consumer test and such. Thanks to them I have free security software, an excellent router that’s not a piece of trash and not made in China and I can’t remember the last time I had no internet they’re that good. They started out as a bunch of hackers in the early 90s and the spirit has always stuck even after they sold the company to KPN, it’s always existed as an independent subsidiary that only used the network, but did everything else itself. All this is now going to go away, washed away in a wave of corporate indifference. In a year or so nothing will be left.

Fuck capitalism. I’m going to have to get my internet from some faceless giant company. Fuck that.

ETA I’ve been with them for I think 7 years now, before that I think another 8 or so years before I left home. It’s the end of an era.


I’m not a Cardiff supporter, but this is incredibly shit news. It’s always going to be too soon, but it’s only three months since Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha died in the helicopter crash at Leicester City’s stadium.


It’s fucking 33 degrees at 4.30am. Fucking 33 degrees Celsius. Without aircon at my place. I’m too old and too fat for this shit.


Come to the Chicago area. Tonight’s predicted low is -21 C / -6 F, so far the coldest night here this winter.

Yes, that’s my “Fuck Today” as well… and farther north it’s only worse. International Falls, Minnesota has a low tonight of -37 C / -32 F.


My therapist had a stroke. Apparently they will be fine after a couple of weeks of rest, but still.


At 4:30am?? YIKES! (As I also don’t have aircon, I really empathize. I hope you can get some sleep.)


I have a feeling you’re in a different state to me. If you weren’t I’d invite you over to share my air con. I owe you cookies anyway.


That’s 91 degrees F. (American here, I had to do the conversion.)

Fuckin’ yikes; you have my sincere sympathies.


I read that Australia had 36ºC in the middle of the night. Greetings from a warming planet? Though I don’t know where You are, when I lived in the high desert, we would build a home made swamp cooler and it worked like a charm. As cheap as it was effective. Now, in South America it does not work that well. Too humid.



My Aroma rice steamer has entered the terminal stage and burnt out the thermostat, so now all cycles are set to “nuclear meltdown”.


Condolences. My Tiger rice maker just recently died as well.


I was thinking about getting a rice cooker too.
They just look so …cool.


Totally worth it, if you eat a lot of rice.


Tell me whole grain brown rice
would cook just as well!?


With a nicer rice cooker, there is a setting for it.