Full House star Bob Saget (1956-2022)

Going meta here.

A link to Bob Saget talking to Scott Bakula about rebooting the show Quantum Leap. Sagat had appeared in one of the more memorable episodes of the original


Yeah, had no idea until I got into college. “Wait, that’s the guy from Disney movies?! And Tuscan pops?! Well, I feel all grown up now.”

(Narrator: I wasn’t.)


Was listening to Stern this morning, a few people called in talking about how Bob helped them or a family member.

Bob was a genuinely awesome guy. This is from a People story yesterday.

He was a “low-key, unassuming guest who was more than happy to take selfies with whoever asked in the lobby,” says the hotel source, adding that Saget ordered room service both nights he stayed at the establishment.

“He checked in on Friday morning and used his real name. Everyone recognized him immediately, but he didn’t make any fanfare about it,” says the source. “A couple of girls asked for a selfie and he even held the camera and joked that his arms were longer because he was part orangutan. He was really gracious. No entourage, no entitlement, no attitude.”

The source adds that the Orlando hotel often sees “a lot of famous people come through” and “a lot of them are just nightmares,” but Saget “was really nice.”

“He carried his own bags, seemed really energetic and honestly seemed really healthy and happy,” the insider continues. “He didn’t move like a 65-year-old man. That’s why it’s such a shock to everyone.”


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