Full run of Liquid Television on the Internet archive

I’m surprised this has not made it to the front page yet. The internet Archive has the full run of the uber-weird MTV show Liquid Television!

The direct link is here.

Anyone remember that one show, it was puppets, about a chick on bike? Winter Steel maybe was the name?



OHMYGODYES! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

I never got to find out if Winter ever found Crow or not. Or whatever happened to DogBoy.


I know, right? The go to is almost always Aeon Flux, but there were some great, weird little cartoons on that show.

I do wonder if the people who grew up watching Liquid TV eventually were the ones who went on to create shows like Adventure Time or Stephen Universe. I mean, they have to have been influenced by that show, right?


Well, there’s the Genndy Tartakovsky short about the “chicken in a drawer” restaurant. They must have seen it at some point.

Oh man, I forgot about “Honey Bunny” and “The Big City”. Great cartoons!

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So awesome!

I can finally get rid of my poorly digitized video files that I made from the aging VHS tapes I used to record these from MTV back in the 90s.


Sadly these seem to be somebody else’s poorly digitized video files made from aging VHS tapes used to record these from MTV back in the 90s.

But, hey, at least it’s a lot more complete than my collection was. I was missing many of the later episodes.

Winter Steele!

I seem to recall MTV having all of the episodes available in the past, but it seems like the official archive has since been removed. Sigh.

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Unfortunately, much like MTV’s Daria, the series used a lot of licensed music, which meant it was really hard to re-release after its debut.

fuck off, music industry.


Yeah, where’s Cory’s outrage about this?



Another one I really liked and thought was well executed :hocho::hammer::skull: was the Psycho-Gram, the picture postcards sent to mother ever so subtly hinting at nefarious deeds.


For fans of nostalgia that is a bit older, I thought I should share this (it seemed an appropriate place as any)

Full episodes of Night Flight streaming


Oi! I’m plenty old, thanks… and I remember night flight…

grumbles about lawns


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