MTV reviving Daria and Aeon Flux

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On the one hand, I loved those shows.

On the other, reboots in general tend to suck, IMO.

And as for a live action version of Aeon Flux, that didn’t work so well for the movie, IIRC.


Aeon Flux was alright, but Reign: The Conqueror, that was the real shit.


I’d actually watch MTV if they brought back liquid television in it’s original form. It was the most creative thing they ever aired. It was a prototype of Adult Swim.


I really miss Migraine Boy.

I also miss the Maxx…


The Maxx was the BEST.

On the other hand, I still shudder at memories of “Dog Boy.”

Live action Aeon Flux is lame. Bring back Peter Chung and do an animated version with higher production values.


Aeon Flux, in short, ultra-stylish animated clips, was awesome. As soon as the segments got longer and the storyline got more involved, it was obvious how uninspired it was. Live action? I’ll pass.


Daria’s best friend, as pictured, was Jane Lane. Jodie was in the show, but, not a close friend. She was, like Daria, one of the more intelligent kids.


My brother said It was very cool, but I missed even the reruns as I was working as a trainee that time.

I’m ok with this, I think.


Bearing in mind that the originals were good largely because they were transgressive, deliberately weird, and purposefully appealed to a small audience, remakes seem like a particularly poor idea.


I’m certainly not going to watch the reboot of ReBoot.


I’d never even heard of that show until last year.


Given how poorly the 2005 live-action Aeon Flux film starring Charlize Theron went over, you’d think they’d go back to animation this time.

Even if it’s terrible, it will probably revitalize the Daria fanfic community. I’ll take it!

The Aeon Flux shorts were awesome to me because the idea behind it seemed to be that every ‘episode’ was a glimpse into some different multiverse where the characters seemed to exist in each version but their lives were different. You couldn’t even really tell who was the bad guy as everyone was trying to kill each other on their way out of the building, and every episode would reset the story so nothing happening in the episode really mattered to the bigger picture of the series. It was like if the twightlight zone just hired the same actors every episode despite the widely different plots. If showrunners would embrace that angle of it being like a new show every episode I think they could make it work but the cartoon they did and that movie both ignored this angle which in my opinion was the best part since it made each episode a fresh experience.


I didn’t really watch this… but Jane’s character seemed critical to how Daria worked.

But, she’s not black, so we’ll just can her and create the proper level of diversity. That’ll be fine, right?

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