Netflix ruins Gen X mens' childhoods twice in one year with trailer for new 3D-animated kids' He Man show

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I like it. It is a fresh reboot for a new generation. These character designs look right out of Overwatch or Fortnight. If the old fans don’t like it, meh. The brand will die with out new blood. And new fans will discover and possibly enjoy the old stuff later.


TBH the change in setting isn’t that extreme, it still has the same feel despite it having more scifi in it. After all even in the OG show they had some advanced tech but it didnt play as much of a role. The animation actually looks good, they spent money on it and overall it looks like someone cared. It might not be the show for me but it looks like kids might love it, if true then good. I’ve outgrown the show so let kids have it back.

I also like that its not just Adam that transforms, though Orcol being a robot is weird but oh well.


I sort of doubt it, the OG show is pretty paper thin. There’s not much to it beyond nostalgia and toys.


Well except there were a bunch of comics and a better looking show in the 2000s. The lore of He-Man is more than just the Filmation.

And plenty of people enjoy campy, less sophisticated version of their favorite heroes. No Batman story from the 50s is going to win an Eisner award, but its fun to see the early stuff.


Seems like a valid reboot. A bit too overdone in the animation department for me, but the playful scripting and acting seems like a good route to go. Hard to take “He Man” seriously.


I’m right there with you. Feels like we’re often stuck in a paradox with remakes: if it’s not IDENTICAL to what it was like “in the old days” it’s garbage, but if we just redo the old thing then it’s a “Hollywood is being lazy and just regurgitating old content.” Both have an element of truth, but it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t approach to trying to revitalize good content for a new generation. shrug maybe that’s just me.


I’m tired of this concept of a tv show ruining a group of people if it sucks. If it sucks, don’t watch find something else that you like and move on.


As I am a leading edge Gen-Xer, they might be surprised that I never watched He Man in the first place. I miss Thundarr the Barbarian.


Demon Dogs!


I wonder if kids today look at all these GenX remakes with the same jaundiced eyes I looked at reboots of Boomer shit like Car 54, Where Are You through.

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I think a lot of them don’t know what came before exists. My friend’s eight-year-old was surprised I knew who Mario and Luigi were.

Regarding the Kevin Smith show, I didn’t really see anything woke except for the fact the protagonists were the (few) female characters. They committed to a story where He-Man was in two of five episodes, and he died in both. The summary Netflix gives for every episode is “Teela must…”, with no mention of He-Man. So it’s a He-Man show without He-Man. It’s not a bad story, solidly meets-expectation for the genre, but miscalculated given the nostalgia the whole thing was meant to coast on.

As for the new show… meh. Not six years old anymore, don’t care, good luck to them.


As with any He-Man story, the real question is, “Does it sell the action figures?”


Well put.

You know what ruined my childhood, though? Bill Fucking Cosby ruined my childhood.

(Well, not really. He damn sure tried, though.)


I’ll add it to my watch list. I was really excited to see another series of Trollhunter pop up on Netflix, and sat down to watch episode one; only to find out that it was a one-and-done film :astonished: Still, it was pretty good, and did a nice job of wrapping up the saga.


I dunno about anyone else, but my childhood is still intact, endless, awful reboots of stuff I used to love, or not.


Can we a get a freakin’ redo of that one?


Well, my childhood TV is also still doing ok.

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" I dunno about anyone else, but my childhood is still intact, endless, awful reboots of stuff I used to love, or not."


When I was a kid I liked animation so much I’d lay on the black naugahyde sofa in my grandparents’ den, bathed in rainbow light of at least a dozen cut crystal window ornaments, and I’d watch morning cartoons until the animated intro to “I Dream of Genie” signaled the inevitable transition to live action on all available channels.

No one can take that from me. None of it will ever exist again either. It can’t be shared or really understood by anyone else-- but it also can’t be diminished.


Heard and seen.

I even liked the odd shorts on Nickelodeon back in the day, like Simon:


I’m super excited to watch that movie. I still need to watch Wizards, but I’ve seen both the other shows twice now, I think. They’ve all been excellent.

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