He-Man fans hate the new series because it has too much Teela in it

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I’m so fucking tired of fandoms.

Anyway, not the biggest He-Man fan as a kid (I was the target demographic, but found the disproportionate figures off-putting), I do get nostalgic with some of the imagery, and the new series is actually great.


Mark Hamill, huh?

Coulda been worse.


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These people need to spend time working with the poor in Bangladesh or something. The fact that you think your childhood cartoon has “too much of the female character” in one episode is ridiculous. I’d say these grown-up He-Man fans are a bunch of wusses. Ironical.


Too much binary pronoun-al dependency from the get-go (she-ra she-woman man-of-arms hell-no girly-girl)

he-man (n.) “especially masculine fellow,” 1832, originally among U.S. pioneers, from he + man (n.).


I tried watching the first ep; didn’t even make it all the way through.

I don’t dislike it because of any focus on Teela, but because it reminded me that He-Man was all just one long-ass commercial for toys that they don’t even sell anymore (which I never got as a kid anyway, because I was a girl.)


I don’t hate the new series because it has too much Teela in it. I liked Teela in the original, so having more Teela? Sure, fine by me.

What I don’t like about the new series is the voice casting. I realize that this is a “me” problem - there’s nothing wrong with the voice acting in general, with perhaps one exception. But when I watched the new series, it didn’t feel like I was watching a He-Man sequel. It felt like I was sitting at a table listening to Buffy, Cersei, The Joker and Batman read through a He-Man script. Not that that wouldn’t be fun.

It’s just that the cast is stacked with very recognizable voices, and all I could hear was their previous characters, reading the lines. I was really looking forward to Mark Hamill’s take on Skeletor, but he ended up sounding just like The Joker (with a few Joker-esque jokes thrown in, which didn’t really match up with the old Skeletor’s sense of humour). The dialogue during Teela’s fight with Scare Glow could’ve been lifted straight from a Buffy episode, so it was hard not to hear Buffy during that scene.

Chris Wood was fine as Adam/He-Man, but I was disappointed that they elected to tone down whatever vocal effect the old series used for He-Man’s voice. He-Man didn’t sound much different from Adam.

There were some nice touches. I liked how they explained He-Man’s goofy sense of humour/quips in the original series were a result of He-Man really being a teenage kid :slight_smile: - and I did like Lena Headey’s take on Evil Lyn.

Did I enjoy it? Mostly. Will I watch the 2nd part when it’s released? Likely. But not because it’s good :wink: Then again, I can say the same about the original series too.

(At least Jay & Silent Bob didn’t make an appearance… which I kinda half-expected)


Is My Little Pony the only 1980s cartoon/glorified toy commercial that was successfully rebooted into a popular and well-received 21st century franchise?


No, they want what they have imagined their childhood to have been. Revisionist memories and all.

I would love it if the new He-Man turned out to be queer.


They already have their childhood, they can go and watch the original 1980s episodes.


Pretty much; even I liked Friendship is Magic, and you know that’s saying something.


Yes, the real insult here is that new generations might experience He-Man in a slightly different way than they did back in the '80s, and we can’t have that!


She Ra was well received, but I don’t know if it was originally made to sell toys.


Meeting called to order.


I haven’t watched it yet, but it is on the list.

Honestly the people who want to find what they consider SJW/Woke in every little thing are super annoying. Hey man, not everything is a “radical liberal agenda”. You got your gauge set to 11 where if it isn’t literal knuckle dragging violent pulp type stories you want to screech about it is some how horrible because, checks notes, it isn’t the same re-hashed knuckle dragging violent pulp type stories.

From the sound of it , I assume this is a serial story arc vs episodic? I probably would enjoy an episodic version better, but everything is serial now. Gets people invested in the binge.

Anyway - I will watch and see how I like it.

FWIW - I liked the Thundercats reboot. Great animation and good story!


It was, to girls.


Transformers has had a few, Animated and Prime were commercial hits and popular with the fans. I never got into Animated myself but thought Prime was great.

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I think having him be straight but secure in his sexuality and gender would fuck with the man-children even more.


I liked it. I watched the whole of the series in one whack. I was kinda expecting the usual goofy shenanigans from the original series and was pleasantly surprised.

BTW low bar is low. Also, I was running a fever of 100.8 at the time.


Hot take: Toxic fans crapping all over your loving crafted reboot of their favorite childhood thing? Stop rebooting their favorite childhood things.

Problem solved.


It was. And it worked. Somewhere there is even an old photo of me in a full she-ra Halloween costume holding up my plastic figurine. We saw the cartoons and we wanted the toys. Worked beautifully.

But well and truly they were all just toy ads. Rainbow bright. Strawberry shortcake. It is weird to see people my age having conniption fits over movies and tv shows based on the cheap advertisement themed cartoons they watched as kids though like they were some kind of great literary and cinematic achievement. Ffs better play them on a 27 inch crt with an ashtray full of smoldering Virginia slims on top of it to get the full effect.