Full stack developers make over $110,000 a year. You can join them with this training.

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Not really. Not to be mean but outside of Silicon Valley salaries for developers are quite low. Not to say that a code bootcamp can’t help you change careers but don’t expect six figures. That takes years and a management track (meaning more meetings and less coding) to reach.


Like in every other employment, the real money is not so much in working hard, but in wearing a suit, having a compliant talk ready for everybody who matters, and above all, in maintaining deniability. If you never do any work, nothing can ever go wrong. The days when dev knowledge was rare and in high demand, giving you rock star status, have been gone for a long time. As a dev today, you are essentially a blue collar worker with a keyboard. You are the one person shoveling shit, while four people with triple your wage spend day in, day out discussing on what heap they want it. Be careful when you apply for a job and they do “agile”, “scrum” or “kanban” - so basically everywhere. People tell me that one aspect of agile was to empower developers - well maybe it once was, but I’ve never seen it do that. No matter what it once was, now it’s just a tool for middle managers to micro manage you and squeeze the last minute out of your work day. And if your take away from that is, oh, then I need to get into middle management - please don’t. There’s far too many of those already, and if anything they need a culling.


Also, do you really want to do frontend? That’s where the marketing people will pester you three times a day, demanding the button to be blue and center in the morning, green and left-aligned by lunch, and when you’ve finished they tell you they’ve been speaking all day about this and it absolutely needs to be red and in a seperate popup by tomorrow or the product will fail.

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I dunno about full stack devs, but usually Senior Devs start to get up into six figures. I would hazard a guess most “Full Stack” devs are probably senior anyways with that level of experience.

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