How these Salesforce courses can improve your job prospects

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That’s an absurdly mismatched comparison. I would love to see somebody develop particle physics simulations using SalesForce.

But if learning SalesForce can get me this guy’s luscious hair, then I’m all in!


It’s suggesting the skill is in demand with employers, not that it’s a tool appropriate for every kind of development. As far as the hair goes, I’ve been doing SFDC for years and it hasn’t worked for me yet.

Will the first lesson be how to plug in the power cable on a ten year old iMac?


Again, welcome to the BoingBoing, the new Skymall.

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they can turn you into a Doctor, too!

And then you can take fantastic vacations with beautiful women


I would love to see someone arrange for staffing and payment terms for your grants using C++

oh wait, I did that, In the 1980s.


Ah, the wonders of Turing-completeness!


If you really want to live the Salesforce life, then don’t waste your hard earned $40! Instead, go to and you’ll be on your way.

Geez, with all the boingers ranting about education costs and here we have an article about paying for education that’s free…

BTW, I’ve been to Dreamforce and I must say SFDC crowd is quite good looking!

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