Fun French Phrases (Je n'ai rien à déclarer!)

On Weds I’m going to a fancy French place for lunch with my son’s junior high French class.

I know how to “Je voudrais” this or that, and can say a few bland conversational things.

What’s the funniest thing the staff at La Caille will have heard in French this year? What about the boy’s teacher?

He’s 14 and do remember our audience. If things stay clean enough, I may pass around my phone with this page open!

(Paging @stynx!)


Ferme la bouche.

Closer to what I’m looking for:

Well, there’s this. But you will need a monkey with you:


You could bring a copy of Mots d’Heures Gousses, Rames with you.

Je voudrais un pied avec mon déjeuner.

(Silly bi-lingual pun)

I would like a foot with my lunch?

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