To everyone here


Just wanted to say to everyone Happy Holidays!!

Here is my thought on Christmas

  1. Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you, and everyone here, too!!

  2. Jeez, you scared me. I’m afraid I’ve gotten used to subject lines that don’t reveal much (e.g., “To everyone here”) being the intro to bad/sad news about friends…

  3. Is that a croquembouche on your head?


Ooooof. A slight hangover here (though I only remember drinking 3 shots of Johnny Walker Red).
My downstairs neighbor here in Tijuana invited me to the family gathering, where everyone mingles and eats until midnight. Then the party starts. It’s 7 a.m. and the neighbors a few doors down are still going.

My friend/neighbor and me. We’re a little tipsy at this point:

My friends also gave me a very nice zipper sweater for Christmas:

Edit: I didn’t have the presence of mind to get a video of Tomas’ little granddaughter dancing and being a gigglebug. Whenever music is played, she’s up and moving around. I think she’d even shuffle around in her sleep if the stereo was on.


Happy Holidays back atcha! :laughing:


Warm, cold, wet, dry: whatever the weather, may this be a good season for all Happy Mutants!


Well, I would think so, if that something that crunches in the mouth also makes it bleed profusely.


Happy Festivus, Saturnalia, or whatever.


Might be. Like it said, the tree wasn’t the only thing getting lit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Time for the airing of grievances!


I’ve been eating food all my life, but I’ve understood maybe three words of that description.

So, choux pastry balls must be lightbulbs then.


well the kid is up now and I am almost done with my coffee and the dark fog and gray has become not quite so dark…
i guess i can get on with loot day now.


Merry Christmas!


As my grandmother would say, Nadolig Llawen i Chi Gyd.

Merry Christmas to all celebrating it, and to everyone, may this season, or other season of your choice, be joyous.



As mine would say, Wesołych Świąt!


Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Hanukkah, and Holidays to all!


She looks great for someone who’s been dead two years.


All of the plastic surgery has held up well, I see.


Was she stuffed and mounted as an ornament?



Our Christmas miracle was the late-Christmas-Eve delivery of two packages we thought had been stolen off our stoop but were actually misdelivered - two weeks ago.