Air France execs' clothes torn off by protesters


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As an Englishman, I know I’m not really supposed to like the French, but sometimes it’s really hard not to.


Liberté, égalité, fraternité.



eta: haha, English WP article: no image, Spanish WP article: no image, German WP article: no image.

French WP article:


Is that you in your avatar?

Also, as an American, we like Lafayette and little else about the French…

Oh and their croissants. And New Orleans has nice things, thanks for that.


That’s W.G.

How about French Freedom Fries?


And then they pelted them with croissants!


I thought it was Seasick Steve.


Depends who made them.


I forgot about this cat.

Saw him on Topgear.





There go those French again, making Americans look like servile surrender monkeys.


Air France execs give the shirts off their backs to a crowd of former employees.



I should try to find a cool animated gif with the sentiment of “damn, you nailed it!”


The French are really quite good, provided you’ve developed a Continental palate.



That’s pretty awesome. Fuck the bourgeoisie.


Liberté, égalité, fraternité, nudité!


Nous avons besoin de plus de locuteurs français ici!

(Yeah I wish I were that fluent.)


Nous sommes pleine de merde.