Funny video of conservative pundits awkwardly criticizing the metric system

I forget about “Stone”, the shift is starting to kg, my kids don’t understand stone.

20 imperial cwt = a long ton.
20 US cwt = a short ton.

It really is batshit crazy.


Thanks for that, i was not aware…

So basically the same level of idiocy really :frowning:


It’s awful! We teach the metric system in schools but buy milk and beer in pints, measure our roads in miles and weigh ourselves in stones and pounds. Of course, once Brexit is done we’ll be able to fully give up on this modern nonsense.


Last time I bought coal it came in 50kg or 25kg bags, which is almost exactly a hundredweight or a half hundredweight.

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You can go into a woodyard and get a metre of six-by-two (inches). But that’s woodyards, and the size is the unplained size so the size of the bit you get is something different.


Further to previous answers, even if British people did routinely think in kilometers, Nigel wouldn’t.

Try buying anything in a builder’s merchants.

Mind you, I think a lot of that is just them messing with ‘outsiders’. Whichever measurement you ask them for, they’ll insist on looking at you blankly and asking what it is in some other system.

“I need 7 3/4 inches of 3"x3” timber".

“What’s that in cubits?”


I think this is why he has such a long pause after the guy brings up the French Revolution. On the one hand, it’s a democratic uprising to throw off tyranny parallel to the American Revolution, by a country that has helped immensely in American independence. But on the other hand, a lot of rich people died in the French Revolution, apparently at the end of a guillotine that weighed 80 kilograms. Also, Freedom Fries. Makes Tucker’s tiny little brain spin inside his skull.


Anybody who’s spent more than 30 minutes actually using, not just converting from, the metric system has to realize it’s an easier, better system. I’d love it if we truely embraced it even thought it would mean having to get used to Celcius :slight_smile:


You really should. converting temperatures online is something i do reguarly due to YT videos, fahrenheit makes ZERO SENSE to me, it’s the worst of imperial systems IMHO, complete nonsense to me… :smiley:


If you look into USDA databases for information on certain commodities, you’ll often see the term centum weight (CW) used, which means the same, a unit of 100 lbs. One of those archaic things you find in Fed documents like “Do.” (means fucking ditto; took me hours and a call to the TTB to figure that out) that could have had a more effective but would be too expensive to scour the record to replace.

Edited because spellcheck has to turn any word remotely closely spelled into a brand name.


A handle of whiskey is 1.75 liters, but I still ask for a half gallon so I guess I am getting cheated by the imperial system.


Most people don’t know this, but for a short time around the French Revolution, they really did try to do a system of “metric” time, in watches with 10 hours, 100 minutes, and 100 seconds, or something to that effect.

Even the great horologists of the day in France or exhiled from france, such as A.L. Breguet, made actual decinary watches that used this new system of time.

A few of the watches still exist but they are very rare, and the system was abandoned officially by the French after only a couple years.

Don’t tell this to Tucker Carlson though, because he is actually stupid enough to think they are still doing this.

I can’t believe people this stupid are even actually allowed to exist let alone broadcast their stupidity at a national level.

There are so many things completely ass backwards in that short video that I could teach an hour lecture explaining how stupid this is and precisely why to grade school children


So their argument is the metric system is french tyranny caused by the french revolution???

Dear Tucker:



I only buy my liquor in fifths, and my beer in pints. But I guess I buy wine by the 3/4 liter. Or is it litre?


“We’ll fight Metric Maggot, that snake in the grass!”

Those wacky French…


I remember this quote every time I’m either in Europe or go to a German restaurant, in which beer is always served in liters (which is indeed a very large beer) or a half liter (which isn’t quite enough).


And a fifth of a gallon is still only 750ml, I think we are still getting less. But I do see liters showing up on more and more Canadian whiskeys.

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Use what you like. Everything is just a mouse click away these days. I draw plans from Redmond for a project in London and flip back and forth constantly.
Why should I take orders from those who are paid in pounds and weighed in stones?
If fractions are a problem use decimal inches,feet or miles. Engineers do this.

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Sometimes very poorly.