Funny video of conservative pundits awkwardly criticizing the metric system

But that would conflict with the trademarked term “kill-o-meter” which, to us, is a much more important measurement.

Well, in Tucker Carlson’s case, all the intellectual content of a creepy children’s youtube video maker targeting 3yos who like to stomp their feet and say “I don’t wanna”


Pretty much, it’s a silly cludge where imperial units are used in road markings, pints are used in pubs and for milk, but nearly everything else is metric…

It’s as stupid as it sounds…

Just use metric IMHO, it makes so much sense…


But what do The People want? Or is democracy out of vogue, it’s so hard to keep track from one moment to the next.

I’m not touching this with a TEN FOOT POLE!


And the stone (14 pounds) which is for weighing people and only people.

Not sure if anyone is still burning coal, but that used to come in hundredweights - which as its name suggests is exactly 112 pounds on this side of the Atlantic (but only 100 in the US).

How anyone worked out the cost (in Pounds, shillings and pence) of fuel (measured in hundred weights) required to send a vehicle over a distance (in miles, yards and inches) is utterly beyond me.


Would you touch it with a 3 meter pole?


Do these people know nothing. The metric system was created in three separate parts, developed at three different times and in three different places. Then they were all put together at a fourth time by an english bishop by the name of John Wilkins, (1614-1672), to create the system as it is now.


The US has been using both systems at the same time for generations also.

Our speed limits may be posted in miles per hour but our military bases ground movements in “klicks” (kilometers). We have two-liter bottles of cola and 9-millimeter handguns. Photographic film is almost always measured in millimeters. Medicine is dispensed in cubic centimeters. The American scientific community actually adopted the metric system as its official basis of measurement before most other countries did. Even our inches and pounds (“American customary units”} are officially defined in relation to metric units.

We’re thoroughly immersed in the metric system, we’re just too damn stubborn to recognize when it’s time to let the old system go.


I remember fondly when Canada upgraded to the metric system in the 70’s and media outlets pranked citizens by switching to metric clocks and metric time and confusing everyone.


I forget about “Stone”, the shift is starting to kg, my kids don’t understand stone.

20 imperial cwt = a long ton.
20 US cwt = a short ton.

It really is batshit crazy.


Thanks for that, i was not aware…

So basically the same level of idiocy really :frowning:


It’s awful! We teach the metric system in schools but buy milk and beer in pints, measure our roads in miles and weigh ourselves in stones and pounds. Of course, once Brexit is done we’ll be able to fully give up on this modern nonsense.


Last time I bought coal it came in 50kg or 25kg bags, which is almost exactly a hundredweight or a half hundredweight.

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You can go into a woodyard and get a metre of six-by-two (inches). But that’s woodyards, and the size is the unplained size so the size of the bit you get is something different.


Further to previous answers, even if British people did routinely think in kilometers, Nigel wouldn’t.

Try buying anything in a builder’s merchants.

Mind you, I think a lot of that is just them messing with ‘outsiders’. Whichever measurement you ask them for, they’ll insist on looking at you blankly and asking what it is in some other system.

“I need 7 3/4 inches of 3"x3” timber".

“What’s that in cubits?”


I think this is why he has such a long pause after the guy brings up the French Revolution. On the one hand, it’s a democratic uprising to throw off tyranny parallel to the American Revolution, by a country that has helped immensely in American independence. But on the other hand, a lot of rich people died in the French Revolution, apparently at the end of a guillotine that weighed 80 kilograms. Also, Freedom Fries. Makes Tucker’s tiny little brain spin inside his skull.


Anybody who’s spent more than 30 minutes actually using, not just converting from, the metric system has to realize it’s an easier, better system. I’d love it if we truely embraced it even thought it would mean having to get used to Celcius :slight_smile:


You really should. converting temperatures online is something i do reguarly due to YT videos, fahrenheit makes ZERO SENSE to me, it’s the worst of imperial systems IMHO, complete nonsense to me… :smiley:


If you look into USDA databases for information on certain commodities, you’ll often see the term centum weight (CW) used, which means the same, a unit of 100 lbs. One of those archaic things you find in Fed documents like “Do.” (means fucking ditto; took me hours and a call to the TTB to figure that out) that could have had a more effective but would be too expensive to scour the record to replace.

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