Funny video of conservative pundits awkwardly criticizing the metric system

A handle of whiskey is 1.75 liters, but I still ask for a half gallon so I guess I am getting cheated by the imperial system.


Most people don’t know this, but for a short time around the French Revolution, they really did try to do a system of “metric” time, in watches with 10 hours, 100 minutes, and 100 seconds, or something to that effect.

Even the great horologists of the day in France or exhiled from france, such as A.L. Breguet, made actual decinary watches that used this new system of time.

A few of the watches still exist but they are very rare, and the system was abandoned officially by the French after only a couple years.

Don’t tell this to Tucker Carlson though, because he is actually stupid enough to think they are still doing this.

I can’t believe people this stupid are even actually allowed to exist let alone broadcast their stupidity at a national level.

There are so many things completely ass backwards in that short video that I could teach an hour lecture explaining how stupid this is and precisely why to grade school children


So their argument is the metric system is french tyranny caused by the french revolution???

Dear Tucker:



I only buy my liquor in fifths, and my beer in pints. But I guess I buy wine by the 3/4 liter. Or is it litre?


“We’ll fight Metric Maggot, that snake in the grass!”

Those wacky French…


I remember this quote every time I’m either in Europe or go to a German restaurant, in which beer is always served in liters (which is indeed a very large beer) or a half liter (which isn’t quite enough).


And a fifth of a gallon is still only 750ml, I think we are still getting less. But I do see liters showing up on more and more Canadian whiskeys.

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Use what you like. Everything is just a mouse click away these days. I draw plans from Redmond for a project in London and flip back and forth constantly.
Why should I take orders from those who are paid in pounds and weighed in stones?
If fractions are a problem use decimal inches,feet or miles. Engineers do this.

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Sometimes very poorly.


I like the idea of decimal time. Of course on a monthly or yearly level it starts to make less sense because those are based on the orbit of the earth… but no reason you couldn’t divide a day into tens and hundreds and thousands.

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The US customary standards were assimilated back in 1893.

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Christmas. Unless the Democrats start to really get on board and make it their business to own Christmas.

Then jolly old St. Nick is a socialist who gives out stuff for free to people who don’t deserve it, and being filled with the Christmas spirit is just being a Social Justice Warrior because god forbid you treat everyone the same, and being kind and giving simply encourages the “participation trophy culture” which makes un-special people feel special.

Actually… can we get AOC or Warren on this Christmas thing? If Republicans are willing to say hostile Russian tampering in our election is a good thing, it shouldn’t be too hard to get them to hate Christmas.


One should not mix one’s units. That way, one ends up with mints and piles.


Interesting etymology of that phrase: it originates from WWII when the occupying German army would use Polish labor in their camps. A Polish conscript at the very bottom of the rung who would be assigned guard duty on a supply tent or something else tedious would have to stand for hours at a time and often developed foot problems as a result, i.e. “tent foot.” (similar to, but not the exact same thing as “trench foot” from WWI).

These Polish guards at the lowest rank would often be derisively described by the Germans as “tent-foot Poles” and any job that you wouldn’t even assign it to your “tent-foot Pole” meant that it was really undesirable or dangerous. In the years since, the version of “I wouldn’t touch that even with my tent-foot Pole” evolved into the less offensive “I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.”

And now you know…the rest of the story.

( even if it’s all a made up by me bullshit story)


But a pole is not ten feet, it is 5.5 yards!


I was almost on board until i read that it doesnt observe time zones and all time is based on Switzerland.

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On paper it makes sense for “internet time” - no need to figure out what time zone you’re in vs the time of the person you’re connecting with online. In practice, it made things more complicated for sure.


Technically - so do we. Look at all the food at the grocery store, for example. I think we officially switched in the 70s… but, like, no one actually did. Almost no one, I think we have one highway in KM somewhere.