Future Shock


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That comment sent me down quite a wikipedia rabbit hole.

How had I not seen this?



OK, I’m about 9 minutes in. I have this odd feeling like I saw this when I was in junior high or high school. It’s really quaint, with the old-timey computers and the 8-track tapes. Mr. Welles sounds so angry about change and impermanence!

Back to it…


I just finished it. Profound and progressive.


I didn’t get that impression, I thought he sounded bemused, as if he was in on a joke.


Oh dang, that part about the IQ pills and electric shock (and no longer being able to make a conscious choice to “take the drug/put on the battery pack”) made me think about peoples’ use of smartphones, etc. It’s so automatic.


Smokers are in on the joke


it’s so automatic that it took me until I saw Downton Abbey before I noticed who responded to bells 100 years ago. I really grok your point there.


Orson Welles said “nukular”! Twice!


This explains the wine commercials.


By chance, that movie is on TV tonight


It’s a trick! The second time he said it in reverse phase, so they cancel each other out.


Awesome film, I’ve seen it quite a few times, which is not to say that I agree with it.


Surely you mean e-cig users.

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