Outtakes from an Orson Welles wine commercial after he had drunk too much wine


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AaaaAaaAaAAAAH the FRENCH. Champaign.


Who knows what bubbly lurks in the heart of men?

The French! The French do! It’s Campaign!



In all fairness, I do the same thing when I’m sozzled.


Are we sure he isn’t trying slur out “Rosebud?”


Way to bury the lede, guys. That guitar backing is amazing!
Breathed new life into a classic.


Very much an experimental-jazz-feel to it, huh? I find it delightful.


I too was inspired by its angelic effects, indeed.


Hats off to the actor who’s pouring - doesn’t crack one bit. The actress manages to stifle her grin and bend it into a pleasant smile, but you just know there’s a guffaw lurking in there, somewhere…There’s absolutely no way in hell I’d be able to keep a straight face.


I had to look up the pea thing:


That Paul Masson champagne doesn’t pop much when the cork is pulled, eh.

/maybe they didn’t have any money left for a foley guy after paying Orson Welles’s fee.


followed by


In my youth, I thought Orson Welles was simply a famous pitchman (famous enough, perhaps, that he had a cameo in The Muppet Moive). Here’s another one I remember, circa 1981.


Sure, but it’s infinitely funnier when Orson Welles did it. However, in fairness, so is anything he did, sozzled or not.


This triggered a (repressed?) memory; didn’t he also hype a bad German wine called Keller-Geister? With the slogan, “We sell you no wine before you’ve paid for it”?


man, this NEVER gets old


My favorite part is where his brain hasn’t caught up to his mouth yet, and he groans out MHHAAAHAAAAA the French.


I remember the Welles ads; I also recall some wit commenting on their tagline “We will sell no wine before its time”; the comment was “they forgot the apostrophe”


Come to find out, Rosebud is his favorite champagne.