Orson Welles interviews Andy Kaufman (1982)


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Andy’s wrestling bit with Jerry Lawler was epic beyond compare. I miss him.


It’s all about Rev Book.



And it’s nice to see Kaufman being himself and seriously answering the questions, too.


Bonus: Ron Glass

I suspect Glass and Kaufman were there because Barney Miller and Taxi ran (in sequence?) on ABC


Ah, Orson Wells played The Shadow for it’s first season and a season in the Summer in the Radio plays. Tough he technically wasn’t the first to voice the character, as he started out as a mysterious narrator for Smith and Street Detective Hour (IIRC that was the title.)


Legit one of the best feuds ever. Legendary stuff and a masterclass in how to do it right.


Yes, when one watches some talk shows, it’s so painfully obvious when one party or another basically closes down or even tries to upstage the other. Here, it’s amazing to see the respect and deference the two are giving each other during the interview.


So wonderful to see two geniuses who seem to hold each other in such high regard, and have such mutual respect and admiration. Andy Kaufman seems rather in awe… as he should be, of course. And it’s so refreshing to see him be so sincere.


It’s very sweet. Kaufman is clearly in awe, having the opportunity to speak casually with Welles about his craft and hearing his acting praised so graciously by such a monumental figure in the theatre and film world.


In a better alternate universe, our dozens of forgettable talk show hosts have been exchanged for the very long running Orson Welles Show.


Orson, whom I had the pleasure of meeting once, was a very sweet man. Genuinely appreciative of talents other than his own. And listen to how precisely he dissects one of the reasons “Taxi” was a great show. Thanks for posting this!


Andy and Orson were both so amazing. Kaufman is the inspiration for so many of my stories, but they are told with a Welles gravitas.

Andy is so, so loved.


that’s Shepard, but your coat’s still brown.


Carson, Pryor, and Carlin. I used to sneak out of my room late at night to watch this kind of shenanigans.




Man, I cannot find the post fight (uh… post-wrestle?) interview that still is from!

In the meantime, enjoy Andy doing anything he wants!