Gabby Giffords rides an airhead


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Gabby, ride it like you stole it! Go Go GO! Very nice to see this fine human on the mend.


A few years ago she was having trouble walking. This is good news indeed.


Nice to see her recovering so well after being shot in the head. Bummer even that did nothing to sway the gun-nut crowd, let alone ordinary people.

The Great Gun Derail

Good for her.


that’s awesome, but… she survived a bullet to the brainpan, why tempt fate on a motorcycle? some douche will likely turn left in front of her.


That’s not how statistics work.


Maybe she’s just glad to be alive, and wants to wring every drop of fun and goodness out of the time she has now.


Chrome side panels, must be '72 or '73. Can anyone here tell the difference?


its still got a kickstarter. Now sure if LWB /5’s had them. The Kickstarter got lost someplace between late /5 and early /6.

SWB/LWB /5’s are also an age give-away. I think Toasters might have been early years because the chrome was so unpopular at sale time. Now they are highly collectable but then folks hated them.

Her bar end mirrors are sweet looking and not OEM.

Rear shocks look OEM, the aftermarket rear shocks seem to have shorter covers, more in keeping with the /6.

Everything on that bike looks super clean and restored. The engine block has some patina that’ll come right off with some Eagle Chrome cleaner.

Looks like an awesome /5.


I have a '73 /5. The picture looks similar. the chrome side panels were held on by a really sketchy set of springs and I think many were lost while riding down the road.


Rubber bands over the battery box hold them on, on both my R bikes.


Nice Firefly ref.


It isn’t the Left she had to worry about.


If Trump rode a motorcycle, what would it be?

My own suggestion would be a 1970s unit BSA complete with oil leaks, vibration, feeble lighting and optional training wheels to try to keep the whole thing upright. Don’t look too close at the chrome.






Left. Right. Up. Down. Forward. Backward. Six degrees of freedom hijacked by evil Nazi clowns.


I am confused. WTF is this? Why do you need a front wheel? It has tracks, so you can steer just like you can with a tank… I do feel that would make the most kick ass wheel chair.