Man loses lawsuit claiming BMW motorcycle gave him an extended erection


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My 5th form English teacher had the same effect on me.


I spent the better part of a week on my BMW and all I got was a sore ass. Maybe it was because it still had the stock seat?


No idea, I’ve found he stock seats on my BMWs to be the most comfortable seats I’ve ever had on a bike, excepting my R1200RT. That thing sucked.


So… where can someone purchase one of these bikes?
Just asking for a friend.



Maybe it’s a viral ad to get wives to buy motorbikes for their husbands. The Christmas season is coming, after all, and these days one never knows.


I have a hunch the issue had less to do with the seat than the custom gas tank mod.


“Wolf” doesn’t seem like the name of a guy who begrudges an erection.


Here’s why “an erection lasting four hours or more” is a Very Bad Thing.
It may sound like fun and games, but you probably don’t want this (unless you are in to some very serious kink).


Four hours is danger territory, but at two hours you should head down to see a doc.


Many such trips could be averted if people used cock rings from more elastic, easier to cut materials than e.g. metal.


The original 750 bored out Triumph Bonneville was supposed to have an interesting effect on some women riders, fortunately at tickover (at which you could see the ends of the handlebars rotating in sync with the crankshaft).


This is either too much or too little information depending on taste.


Wolf has a real “hardon” for BMW…


That is just wrong on so many levels. Why does he need rear shocks with separate reservoirs on a bike with a front drum brake? And why is one of the front fork gaiters collapsed?

Custom gas tank mod? I must have missed that.


For me it was at the same time delightful and bloody awkward.

Especially at the bell.


these guerrilla marketing campaigns are getting really clever.


“Have you been riding a motorcycle for two hours or are you just happy to see me?”


Trust that I will never click anything labeled “Spider vs Penis”. Not for science, not for any reason.