This BMW R90S has run 240k miles

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Years ago had a Design/Engineering Teacher who closed out the semester by telling us the story of the two loves of his life at time; his girlfriend and his BMW motorcycle.

He rode the motorcycle all over the US one summer when he and his girlfriend decided to split up.
He loved that motorcycle. He loved the design of it. He loved how if a single part failed to do its job, the bike would not function. When he rode that motorcycle he was acutely aware of each moving part working in harmony with the others to keep him from being left by the side of the road.

At some point he re-connected with his girlfriend by phone and they made up. They decided to get married. He headed back home, covering 2500 miles as fast as possible. One love enabling him to meet up with his other love.

At the end of the lecture, he told us the moral of the story:
"Don’t rub BenGay on your balls".


Let’s keep an open mind.


One of the reasons I remember this lecture was because I participated in a 26 mile “Hunger Walk” during High School.
But I did it on a Unicycle.
Oww My Balls!
I’ll just put a little of this Ben Gay ointment on them, that should work…OWWWWW MY BALLLSSS!!!:grimacing:


There is actually a special tank badge you can earn from BMW if you submit proof your odometer has re-zeroed itself by maxing out the mile count. My odo only has 5 digits, so every 100k, it zeros. Im sure its been turned over a few times, no way its only ever seen 56k miles.

I feel like ive seen one of these before, just once. Or it might be a legend I heard at a rally. Can’t remember now… Pretty sure its true.


Having put 1300 miles on my bicycle in 60 days, I’d be up for the challenge. It would be nice to cover hard road more rapidly.

Now, if I only had a motorcycle again.

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Guys, just saw that Peter Fonda died :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I know it’s 3 in the morning but damn and I really want to go for a motorcycle ride right now but my bike is out of commission :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Seeing Easy Rider with my dad as a teenager is really what inspired me to become a biker.

May you ride on, shiny and chrome with your front forks pointing the way to the sunset buddy, ride home.


What’s the story with the “THE WORLD IS FLAT” sticker on the windscreen? Is that some motorcycle culture thing I don’t know about, or (unexpected) typical flat earth stuff?

BMW uses what’s called a boxer or “Flat twin” engine on their cycles. That is, the cylinders are 180 degrees opposed to each other.

The graphic on the sticker is a diagram of two opposed pistons.


13.000 miles on a bicycle in 60 days?
Or averaging about 350 km per day for sixty days.
I have never even considered if that was humanly possible.
I’m ultra-awed.

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OMG, worst math typo EVER.


Oh. I actually believed it.
But only after I looked up how far human-type people actually cycle in a day / week.
So I discovered that ‘ultracycling or ultra-distance cycling’ exists.
And then, for a brief period, I thought you were one of those.

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Oh, it felt like it.

250 lbs (yes pounds) for me, bike, trailer, camping gear, and paint studio.

I know because a recycling center let me weigh off.

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Wow. Still one of my all-time favorite bikes in this color. Only a little biased by owning on that at 88k is still going strong. Doesn’t even drip oil on the kickstand.

Like a well tuned Creamsicle.

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