Gadget Review — Leatherman Multitool OHT


looks like Leatherman took Gerber’s superior design and spring-loaded the tools.

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A “phosphorus rod”? Tritium was too tame?

I could see the utility of a ferrocerium sparking rod, but I don’t see the attraction of adding phosphorus to a multitool, unless the usual approaches to glow-in-the-dark just aren’t extreme (or toxic) enough for you.

I’d be interested in details of that.

This tool had a cleaning rod attachment - a weapon cleaning rod. I presume the guy has kitted out the tool with his prefered type of gun cleaning rod material rather than the also common bronze and nylon rods.

Unless you are referring to the fact he wrote Phosphorus instead of Phosphor Bronze :smiley:

I’ve had many multitools: Leatherman, SOG, Kershaw, etc…

Isn’t one of the points of a good multitool that it should last a good long time?

No design feature will protect the tool from being lost, TSAed, or gifted away.

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Won’t cut the cake here in France: lacks a corkscrew…


American here, I require that on my multitools as well

Can it be autoclaved (with the lanyard removed of course)?

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