Gadget waterproofing kit


I’m guessing it wears off pretty quickly.

Historically these anti-water treatments work, but they’re easy to rub off of the device and they aren’t transparent. That said, it’s not like the glass needs waterproofing. Still, if I think my phone is going for a swim at some point, I’m going to buy an Otterbox, not a tube of dubious spray. Plus, applying the stuff to the inside means disassembling your phone, perhaps quite completely (everything is layered in there, you can’t completely cover everything if you just take off the cover) which is a big hassle and can ruin it if you aren’t exceedingly careful.

Wait, aren’t all molecules “1000x smaller than a human hair”?

Nope, some get quite large. Some bowling balls are made from a single molecule.

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The FAQ says it should last 3 yrs…

My goodness I hope they don’t use that on cell phones!

If they’re using the same hydrophobic stuff as elsewhere, I’m guessing that’s as reliable as battery hour estimates

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I was going to say truck tires…

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