Gallery of excellent gravestones

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For better (or worse) I refuse to register with Pinterest


Brutal, I need an account to browse a collection of images and associated text? If Tim Berners-Lee was dead, he’d be rolling in his grave.


@kpkpkp, @futnuh Try one of these:

Edit: Actually, just go ahead and use the throwaway account I just made.
E-mail -
Pasword - boingmenot


Yeah. That’s some of the most egregious sign up nags when accessed via a mobile device I’ve yet encountered. I think the odds of me following a link to another Pinterest page in the future is very, very low.

Maybe that’s what they want. Being the kind of user who gets irked by that crap, I’m probably just sucking their bandwidth without adding what they want from users. I’m happy to oblige.


Yup, me too. Looked like a cute story too.





There are browser plugins that allow one to browse as a “guest” - doesn’t help on a mobile, but at least makes desktop browsing possible.
I don’t recall any names, but I’m sure that searching for Pinterest guest should work.

Bring up your developer console (Ctrl+Shift+c in chrome) then:


Impress your friends at parties.

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Speaking of egregious, how 'bout that apostrophe abuse?

You just reminded me I wanted to check out the Tor panel talk at CCC.

I was wondering if they were going to have my favorite. They do, of course.

On an unrelated note, if you’re ever in Paris and you run out of touristy things to do, the cemeteries are quite impressive.

It’s no better on a desktop browser either. Seriously Pintrest, WTF?

Wait, library paste is deadly?

(There go my dinner plans)

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