How Pinterest ruined image searching

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Doesn’t -pinterest in a search query work? Nuisance, but not that hard to type.


Would love to have a addon just removed that from all image searches.


Thank you. I’ll give that a go :+1:


Haven’t read the piece yet, but I’ll add that beyond just garden-walling, it’s also obnoxious that strips away any context from images. Time was clicking on an image would lead you to an article, a museum collection, a gallery, or even just a fucking caption. Now the only context is a useless pinterest handle.


Oh man, looks like there is one for firefox.


That’s what I do, when I see too many Pinterest results. Or you can append to exclude anything from that domain, for example.


All the extension does is add “-site:pinterest.*” to your searches. You can choose to add the switch to all searches or just the image searches. If you edit your search it is easy to delete the space between your search term and the switch which produces few or no results which is annoying but not as annoying as pinterest.


Coolio! That’s my main browser.


Thanks for the plugin/extension recommendation. Count me among the many who hate Pinterest showing up in the image results.


For Chrome, I just found


I thought I was the only one!

The problem? Pinterest makes it obnoxiously difficult to view any image hosted on its platform without signing up for an account.

What I do is click on the image in the google search, and it opens a new preview window. Give it a bit to download the image, and then right click, open image in new tab.


Isn’t Pinterest a dating site now?


I’m not even particularly bothered by the login . What I hate is doing a search, finding and clicking on exactly the image I want only to have it be a dead link within Pinterest and instead be presented with a bunch of links to images deemed similar by Pinterest.

Or drilling down 5 clicks in to an image you saw in a thumbnail and there being no context for where the image came from or what it’s about.


You’re thinking of LinkedIn.


yeah google allowed pinterest-esque to kill their otherwise useful image search/capture. so, contrary to (personal) inclinations: bing image search has risen (by defaulting on its loins?) as the best choice (maybe). That is, get on your duckduckgo search bar and just type: “!bi beschizza boing” and all sorts of sizeable capture-able images shall be yours for your strange collage-ing needs.


Or even the original source for the image, for that matter.


I’d like to add you to my “professional network,” if you know what I mean.


A decade ago, back when Google abandoned their “don’t be evil” motto I switched to Duck Duck Go ( or for search, and I haven’t looked back. I accidentally use Google search maybe three or four times a year, mostly because I click on a web page’s custom front end to Google. Google never fails to remind me why it sucks.

So I checked. DDG doesn’t seem to have been gamed by Pinterest. Normally, I’m not looking for the wedding-planner-type images that would typically be hosted by pinterest, but I tried searching for the examples in the article (antique brass hinges, etc.) and all the images came up with normal looking results; none hosted by Pinterest.

However, this is where my attitude goes really bad. Because of my education and background, I have the ability to find technical and other workarounds for most of the privacy issues people face on the web. So I block scripts, I rarely allow anything to go to Google or other web analyzers, I kill tracking cookies, and take a lot of other technical steps that are far beyond the average web surfer’s capabilities. What I don’t have is a way to scale that up. I don’t have a giant platform of privacy listeners that I can convince to give up Facebook; I don’t have influence to get people to understand how Google is used to fix prices, corrupt product reviews, etc.; and even if people listened to me, average people don’t care. So I’ve really stopped caring when other people get screwed by Google, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. I’m not going to go fight Google, because I personally don’t have to.


noticing a lot of spiritual, uplifting-messages-involving-god-facebook-type posts on linkedin lately. i am not connected to any groups or orgs like that, nor am i religious. i guess people are just spreading their posts all over social media, whether it is the “appropriate” channel or not.