Instapaper leaves Pinterest

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Pinterest is the Devil. It makes search engines almost unusable.


One caveat: after the acquisition, premium features were available for free.

The one major thing this unlocked was text searching? Which I was JUST using yesterday morning and thanking my stars for when I found out Instapaper was being spun off again …

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Too late. I’ve moved back to Pocket because of the GDPR fiasco and i’m happy here.


During those moments where I’m trying to find an image to post here on Google it’s the bane of my existence.

I tried out Instapaper when it first came out but at some point I switched to Pocket due to all its integrations and never looked back.


I actually switched to Instapaper from Pocket and loved it. However i often found that when i sent links to IP from iOS Safari they wouldn’t always save. Then GDPR happened and after switching back to Pocket i’ve really enjoyed the additional functionality and the fact that it actually works reliably.


Been using pocket for years. It is a fantastic service. I have nothing against instapaper (never tried it actually) But one thing that annoys me about pocket is that they keep adding all of these social features to the app, which I just don’t care about it. Instead, I’d like them to focus on core issues like displaying articles with code in them, and better handling of pdfs.


I used (paid) Instapaper for years, until I recently went on vacation in Europe and it silently stopped refreshing. Logged out, and couldn’t log back in after that, with a “can’t connect” error message. After searching for awhile, I found a tweet from one of the authors copping to just turning the thing off because of GDPR.

Really poor communication; I ended up rebuilding part of my playlist on Pocket on a train and haven’t gone back. I’m sure there are other users who have logged off to try and clear the error, and “lost” their entire backlog.

I still prefer the Instapaper client (especially the bookmarklet vs. Pocket’s heavyweight extension with bad UX), and Pocket seems bafflingly bad at parsing articles vs. Instapaper, but as time goes on with Pocket I’m getting more used to it.

I hope Instant Paper can turn it around!

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FWIW: I use Instapaper on iOS devices for reading during commuting and found that it works slightly better for me than Pocket and is slightly more comfortable reading.

I once spent more hours trying various clipping apps including instapaper, just trying to find something that could let me read random web pages offline. My use case was saving the web page with movie times so I could read it inside the theater which has no cell service (or blockers). It was baffling that none could do this; they either required internet access saving things in the cloud, or couldn’t parse the simple but not news pages. Oh for the days when I could just do save as html from the browser.

This may be a pain in the ass, but if you append to your search - at least in Google, it won’t return hits from itself.

There’s probably a way to automate the process, but I just type it if Pinterest is hogging the search results.

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Yep, I’ve done that in the past. But I shouldn’t HAVE to, dangit.

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I agree 100%. There may be some way to exclude it permanently in one’s browser settings, but I don’t know how to do it.

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