Gallery of extreme close-up photos

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These are awesome! And somewhat terrifying.
But what the hell is a colabri?

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I had to look it up - I think they mean colibri, a genus
of hummingbird.

Colabri?? Couldn’t they just say Humming bird?

Show me the human sperm on the tongue of the colabri and then I’ll be impressed.

Fractal cauliflower!

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Yes^, but it was more entertaining to play dumb. Way to spoil my fun :slight_smile:

^the intended meaning was immediately obvious to me because in my native language, “colibri” is the term for “hummingbird.” I can certainly see – now – how this wouldn’t be the case for native English speakers, though.


I confused the title of photos with the next photo’s! I spent time wondering how in the hell my eyebrow could have little knobs on it, all twisted up together! And the Colabri confusion made me wonder if this was some unique new species. Love the close-ups and the fun I had with my mistakes.

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