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I have found this to be true of rules.

The BBS game-creators can create as many rules as they like, but there is little they can do to enforce them. Rules tend to cohere around behavior.

☭ Sup Marxists? ☭
Did you ever want to play questions?
Check yourself about being no fun


Then there’s the @japhroaig corollary that says that any game can be transformed into a food discussion topic.


Nobody will be caught NOT drinking. (really do there need to be more rules than that?)


All I know is if you lose a game here don’t cry over spilled milk. Even though you may have peppered a topic with comments, they may not have been saucy enough to win. So don’t have a beef with the game creator. And Deer lord, hate the Game, and if a good question is played you should simply Duck the inquiry.


I forgot about his punning the well rhetorical strategy.


And/or a pun-fest. You had to get him started, didn’t you?


If that is the wurst of my problems, then…

*It's not a problem I love love love puns and you cant stop me, so kiss my Bass!!*

How bout I trout out a reaction shot of y’all, before my jokes get too Crappie.

You can Carp about them all you want, but I am about as I intimidated as Salmon Rushdie.

I’m getting weir-y I might net myself a ban from all the bottom-feeding jokes. Do I have time to worm myself out of this one, or am I dead in the water, hook line and sinker?





Anybody want to play Cake?


So… somewhere, don’t the rules include “open a new topic” ?


Nope, only CAKE!


The rules slide around like a clump of worms.


Can I blame bad parenting?


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