Game illustrates sexual consent using skin contact as the controller


Seems like it doesn’t illustrate privacy very well.

Is the lesson here that one must ask consent each time before touching another human being in a new way/place even for what appears to be largely non-sexual touching?

I’m going to go ahead and assume there are exceptions for tapping someone on the shoulder, pulling them out of the way of an oncoming train, performing the Heimlich or CPR, holding them back from a fight, et cetera, before the point of the post is derailed by smartasses coming up with obvious exceptions to “Never,” a word which never doesn’t have exceptions.

These rules are useful for intimacy, not so much for life in general.

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The society got awfully touch-phobic. Which gets quite ungood when you’re the kind that needs to touch an object to perceive it as real; without the haptic interface, on audiovisual only, it can be quite as well a VR sim instead of a real thing or person.

You know you’re too lonely when an airport security patdown feels good.

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